Zodiac Now Shipping


In order to move that Oprah abomination off the page I thought I'd throw up a little post about the Tapwave Zodiac which is shipping today. The Tapwave Zodiac is a PDA/Gaming device based on the Palm OS. It's a PDA designed for gaming, not the other way around. It can do email, web, SMS, addresses, music, videos, photos and gaming all on the same device. The Zodiac sports a decent lineup of games and the ability to run any Palm OS game, even emulators. It also supports Bluetooth, for multiplayer gaming and internet access. Just plunk down next to somebody and hit the Bluetooth button, instant multiplayer link. Over at Shacknews there's a preview up you can take a look at to get an idea of what the machine is about. It's shipping today and costs $299 for the 32MB version and $399 for the 128MB version. You can order one at the Tapwave Store


Little bit too pricey I think.  Actually looks better than I thought though.

The preview sounds good, it should do well as long as the library is there for it.  I don't see it as a real competitor to the GBA SP though.

I think mine is sitting in my office already awaiting my return from the hellhole that is Germantown MD..

Initial feedback is that the screen is the best EVAR!@!@#!!

Can't wait to get my grubby paws on it...I ordered a few games to go with it..

Sweet Guru !  Give us some impressions when you get a chance.

I wish I were important enough to need a PDA.  I just sold my Palm Vx on eBay because it was becoming fossilized.

A while ago I bought a Clie 760C. Huge mistake, I never use the damn thing. I am hoping my girlfriend can find some way to use it since she says a lot of the people at her school use them.

What's the battery life on this one?

And 64mb for an mp3 player? It's too small.

Looks very good.  Only thing I don't like about it is the lack of a digital control pad.  Seems like playing regular 2D games with the analog stick would feel a bit floaty.

Where do you get the 64Mb? You have two slots that can accept SD cards. SD cards are currently as big as 512MB. 1GB isn't an iPod necissarily, but not bad for a multifunction device. Of course 512MB cards are pretty expensive. I plan on having a couple of 256MB cards when I get one. I'd probably just stream music over the internet like I do on my laptop anyway.

Plus.. 1GB SD cards are on teh way to give you a whopping 2GB of music/videos which is pretty impressive and should provide most people with a couple hundred songs and a few hours of movies/tv shows.