F*** You, Cancer! Catch all

Thank you! And to everyone who supports those of us here who are on this journey. It helps.

If anything happened to you, it would be unRobearable ;P
I'll see myself out...


Something will happen eventually, but thank you Fang! For now, I'm on cruise control.

Robear wrote:

Something will happen eventually, but thank you Fang! :-)

Nah, that is UnRobearievable.

Robear wrote:

Results this quarter for PSA are <0.02, which is really good, and Testosterone at 36.5. This is in line with my history and age. Good for another 3 months!

My doctor now has his own lab for these and related stats, and his PSA testing seems to be about 10x more accurate than before. That's the big one. And it's nice to only wait one day for results.

So you RoBear great news then : p

Congrats mate, here's for 3 more months on and on and on until we all loose count

Working on it!

6 months on after my initial prostate cancer diagnosis. Had an MRI that shows no growth, and just did my biopsy this morning (ouch).

So far it looks well maintained, Gleason Score 6, which is as low as you can go while still being detectable. Next steps are either watch and wait for another 6 months, or HIFU to kill the vast majority of it.

I'm grateful. The only downside is I have severe bone on bone osteoarthritis in my right hip (unrelated to the cancer), and I may have to wait a while before I can get hip replacement surgery, but obviously the cancer treatment comes first.

I am glad you got good news.

Grats Budo! I'm glad you're close to stepping off the train.

Congrats Budo, suntory time indeed

After a brief rest from months of chemo, Mrs. Lovesauce goes in for a ladypartsectomy tomorrow morning. Thoughts, prayers, what have you all gratefully accepted.

You have all of the thoughts and prayers I have.

I hope everything turns out as you and the misses hope for HP.

Sending all the good Ramma Lamma Ding-Dong energy your way H.P.