Hey, all! Do we still have an active(ish) clan? Just getting back into things after a year away.

Edit: I play on PC

just a handful of us that log in from time to time...

FYI their last dev talk they said the Oct update will include the first pieces Xplatform play. It will introduce Xclans....

I'm in pretty often, send me a request and I'll add you when I'm home on Sunday night

Friend request sent.

can we get through to the founding warlord? only they can turn on the new cross platform clan setting so we can start bringing together the various platform GWJ tenno. i tried messaging them on discord but if anyone knows him well that would probably be a quicker way to get this set up.

Do we remember who they were? I know Escher ran things for a while, but i'm not sure if he founded it

i got through to them, it's laarrs. he's gonna set it to crossplatform. maybe we should see if the founding warlord can be changed via a help ticket? i think you're the most senior member who plays sometimes, so i guess if we could do it (assuming laarrs would be ok with it) you would take the role ranalin?

Guess I should login on Switch and make sure I'm still in at some point

Send me a message on discord or wth your in game name to remind me and I'll send an invite once things are set up.

Honestly i think it should be you Tycho

If you don't want to do it and no one else wants it, I'll take the role, don't want to step on any toes though.

hehe i don't think you would be... sure some of us may have been playing longer, but you play the most. It's all yours

heads up that within a month or 2 there is gonna be a clan operation upcoming. not clear what the rewards will be but it's coming.

Guess most of the chatter for this is in Discord now?

But anyway I did get cross save link to work from my Switch account and logged my lowly MR14 butt onto PC today for the first time. Will have to figure out what the hell I'm doing again later.

Saw a suggestion to actually replay tutorial missions to get used to controls again so I might try that one night.

Will try to find people in discord to play sometime.

Tycho and Stele (and anyone else) - you still playing? My friend/co-worker and I have been mainlining Warframe almost exclusively since May of last year and he has gone from MR1 to MR27; I am also MR27 now. It's mostly just me and him and would be nice to add a few folks to our list of regular teammates even if we're not in the same clan. We've also started to grow a bit of end-game type mods, blueprints, and whatnot, and wouldn't mind sharing.

Yeah I get on for a daily or two. Not a ton of time but slowly working up MR. Went from 14-16 since I switched to PC back in Feb.

I still have weapons I crafted 4 years ago sitting in the foundry, plus new ones I've found since. Eventually I'll get around to them all.

I did buy the Gotva Prime from Baro the other day. That thing is quirky and fun. Guaranteed crit after status attack. I don't even have perfect mods for it but it's funny how it does a couple bullets of weak damage then boom stuff dies.

I'm on at least a few times a week, definitely send me a message if you see me online, or even if not, always happy to talk warframe :)! You're certainly welcome in the gwj clan if you want (certainly no pressure) we've got all but one clan item unlocked (hema, we'll probably never get it, too much grind).

My friend and I leveled up our own clan and have it all done sans our own Hema and just 3 or 4 other Infested weapons. Kinda a moot point now anyway, but too much time and resources sunk to jump ship now. Appreciate the offer regardless.

We're on UK timeframe. So, during the week, I'll usually play for an hour or two after the wife relinquishes her hold on Netflix and the TV, and retires to bed around 9pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, we're both on for at least 4 or 5 hours somewhere between 5am-noon. Outside of that, it's kinda sporadic, but I'm finally getting my gaming room put together and should have better availability soon. Of course, you're always free to hit me up on Discord if you're looking for someone to play with. In which case, I'll happily jump on if I can.

Ok, so I'm getting ready to do this account linking stuff so I can play my PS4 account content on the PC moving forward. Got the Steam version installed this morning and fired up the game to take a look. The new intro cinematic was amazing and it segued quite effortlessly into the tutorial. I played for a few minutes then realized I needed to shut down.

I looked around for an "exit to desktop" in the Settings menu. Nothing. I eventually grew tired of looking and Alt-F4'd outta there.

Does anyone know how long the new user experience is now? I figured I need to play my new account up to a certain point before I'm able to link my PS4 account. I'd like to know how much time I'm on the hook for before I get to link my account (and possibly access a proper 'quite to desktop' menu option, hopefully).

Exit to desktop is normally at the bottom of the Escape key menu, but if you didn’t finish the mission, you’ll have to do the whole thing over again. Between that and it being the first mission, that may be why it’s missing.

If memory serves, the new player intro is just a single mission that can take a bit if you’re brand new, but if you have a general idea of how the game works, you should be able to get through it in about 10-15 mins, if not sooner.

Exit to desktop only appears in the orbiter's menu. Never really understood why given the number of social spaces we have but it continues to be true.
And yeah the first mission is a little long, between 10 and 20 depending on how quickly you pick up some things.
The opening missoon chain takes a bit longer, maybe an hour if you're taking your time.
Once you're through it, let me know if you want to join the clan and I'll send you an invite!

I linked my PS4 account to my existing PC account in the website dashboard and it was just there automagically. I'm sure it would be the same the other way.

Yeah you don't have to play anything. I created my account on the Web site and then linked it to my Switch account.

Anything you do on a fresh account before linking just gets overwritten anyway so don't waste time.

Thanks guys.
I ended up playing the opening mission anyway. It was super quick and oh-my-gosh...maybe it's because I have the visuals cranked up on PC but it's looking absolutely gorgeous. Did they do an engine change or do something drastic in the last few years?

I found a post on Reddit saying that I would need to fire up my account on the PS4 and to the linking from there if I wanted to use that as my main account but there wasn't even an option available in the menu. So it ended up being a much simpler process from the Warframe website, as MrDeVil909 described.

Now...I just need to watch a few hours of "Returning to Warframe in 2024" videos to get myself up to speed again.

There have been a lot of engine improvements and game changes in the last few years. Not quite a brand new game, but some parts are real close to it.

It looks like a game that came out 2020 or 2021, not 2013.
Imagine my surprise when I checked my inbox to find an 11th anniversary reward waiting for me. I can't believe I first played this in 2014. I mean, that makes it 10 years ago so I don't know why they threw me the 11-year thing but I'll take it.

That nikana is actually pretty good too, not quite on par with nikana prime but worth using. Abd everyone gets it as long as they log in sometime in the next 7 months!
DE does yearly anniversary alerts and every year they do a new one plus all the old ones, it's a great way to get some free weapon slots every year

Okay then... so I returned to my long dormant account and I last left off on The New Strange. My current quest is to defeat Chroma which I failed at because I stupidly tried attacking Chroma. Apparently I'm supposed to equip a Synthesis Scanner and scan the dude?

How do I find this scanner, put it in my inventory and equip it during the quest?

I'm so lost...

i'm not 100% sure how to describe it over text. when are you usually on? i'll try to hop on and walk you through it and whatever else is changed that's bugging you.

Tycho the Mad wrote:

i'm not 100% sure how to describe it over text. when are you usually on? i'll try to hop on and walk you through it and whatever else is changed that's bugging you.

Thanks! Invite accepted. I was in a mood and was gaming late last night. Got the mission done! It wasn’t too bad at all once I knew how to equip the scanner. On to the next stumper…