GWJ Conference Call 914

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Rich and Daryl are joined by special guest Kahlief Adams from the Spawn on Me podcast to talk about what gives good gamefeel.

Games: Predecessor, Dragon's Dogma 2, Broken Roads, and Immortals of Aveum.

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00:01:23 Predecessor
00:05:04 Dragon's Dogma 2
00:10:12 Broken Roads
00:26:09 Immortals of Aveum
00:28:37 Good Gamefeel

Pickle me grandmother, it's grouse to hear some Broken Roads discussion!

I've been playing as a gunslinger too and, while combat can be rare, when it happens, you need some of your party to be good at it or enemies will wear you down just through weight of numbers.

It does get a little more interesting as you level up and gain skills, which provides more choices, but not as interesting/complex as an XCOM.

I started playing Cocoon recently (it’s by one of the developers who created INSIDE.) There’s no text or dialogue and it’s all alien creatures and machinery integrated into landscapes of various types. The instant I started playing I was completely at home and comfortable. The movement and interactions are so smooth and simple it makes you feel like they mustn’t have required much work to get right but I think the reverse is true. To make all aspects of the game work so well the studios involved need to refine and polish endlessly. I know that was the case with INSIDE. Both INSIDE and now Cocoon typify ‘great game feel’ for me.

Kahlief is 100% spot on about Dropmix, it is the perfect blend of creativity and collaboration. It was the blueprint for Fuser, but without the multiplayer Fuser feels almost lonely to me after a while.

Lovely episode, guys!