Help me find new games to stress test my new Gaming PC!

Hello all! I've got a new system coming in next week and looking for some games to take advantage of the new hardware. It's not crazy high end but I would say it's firmly in the mid-range of power (RTX 4070 GPU, lots of RAM, decent CPU, etc.). Ironically, I'm into card games and 2D Metroidvanias right now and generally less demanding games. I have at least one recently purchases game that I plan to install, a couple more on the wishlist plus a few older games to reinstall and marvel in their high detail glory.

- Returnal
- Helldivers 2 (wishlisted)
- Total Warhammer 3 (wishlisted)

To Reinstall:
- Cyberpunk 2077
- Elden Ring
- The Ascent

Looking for more ideas! I don't play as many pure FPS or competitive shooters these days and find I don't have the patience for as many super in-depth RPGs (that's why Baldur's Gate 3 isn't on the list even though that game looks gorgeous). But anything else I'd probably be willing to give it a try (once a sale rolls around!).

Thank you, much appreciate any suggestions or discussions here. Cheers!

If you have gamepass.. Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Horizon Forbidden West
The Witcher 3 (it got that next-gen update with ray tracing so I think it’s a decent candidate)
Metro Exodus
Death Stranding

Avatar? The Digital Foundry said it had the best graphics of 2023. I'm playing it now on Xbox and it is gorgeous. It is basically Farcry on a foreign planet and you are a super hero.

Oh, these are good recommendations all! Wait, did I say good? No, these are GREAT. Thank you!

Oh a heads up on total Warhammer. It is not framerate limited and will run uncapped even on the map screen. It was making my computer super loud. So while it's a good stress test it is just wasting power and creating unnecessary heat. My office got to 86 degrees in the new England winter! Luckily you can use the Nvidia drivers to limit the framerate on specific games. 60FPS is more than enough and runs cool and quiet on my 4070 super.

For Total Warhammer the real bottleneck is your storage speed. An NVME drive makes it a much better experience its almost unplayable on a spinning plate drive.

Distant Worlds 2 might fit the bill. Put on largest galaxy etc.

Rogue Trader too.

Alan Wake 2
Remnant 2
Lords of the Fallen
God of War
Any of the Forza Horizon games
Ratchet and Clank
Hogwarts Legacy

Each of those games look pretty amazing. Alan Wake 2 will certainly push your video card. Lords of the Fallen had some initial optimization issues but for me on a 4070ti it ran fantastic right out of the gate. That game looks and plays amazing.

For games already mentioned:
Returnal - Fantastic looking game. They optimized the hell out of it. Its a pretty difficult, and frustrating at times, but I loved it.

Horizon Forbidden West - Looks better than the original game and runs better. Even when the framerate is jumping around from 100-144+ it's still super smooth (Jedi Survivor has similar fps jumps and is not smooth) . Its more of the same from the first game.

Avatar - Looks amazing. The world is amazing to explore, they really captured Pandora. But the quests and gameplay got pretty boring. So after about 9-10 hours I fell off it. Wait for a sale.

I do have to say the 4000 line has been very impressive. With DLSS 3 (super sampling) and DLSS 3.5 (frame generation) its really given the card some additional oomph so I can run most games at very high/ultra settings at 2k (4070ti).

Thanks EvilDead, NathanielG, Bfgp, Crawley for keeping the recommendations train rollin'.

beanman: I have Witcher 3! Good call on the next-gen update. I'm sure the game still looks gorgeous today.
EvilDead: thank you for the TW: Warhammer 3 tip! Wow, kept you warm during the winter did it? Impressive!
Alan Wake 2, a mainstay of my Xbox wishlist, is def going to migrate over to my Steam wishlist now. Thanks Crawley!

I have something to recommend myself! It's not out yet but I thought I read something about Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut for PC. Sure enough, the Steam release is due out on May 16th. Nice!

Control large armies on Warhammer Total War 3.

Total War: Warhammer III is on the list and waiting for a sale.

I love that I started calling it "Total Warhammer" and people just ran with it.