Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Catch-All

Thanks for the info. I will attempt it. Since it appears in the same room all the time.

Yes, run from Death, but continue exploring deeper into Bitterblack Isle. His first few appearances are scripted, you cant avoid him spawning, but he will eventually leave after a certain amount of time has passed (or you happen to do enough damage, whichever comes first) and you can continue exploring the level. He also is one of the possible necrophages on most levels, and can be lured by the leftover gore from the enemies and/or the rancid bait meat you can place.

Cannot remember much about the game but I'm only level 8 and went to the DLC isle but am getting wiped out. Perhaps it is meant for a higher level?

Much higher levels, kborom. Bitterblack Isle is intended as endgame content, though I've heard tale of experienced players hitting BBI towards the beginning to do some early power-leveling.

Thanks for the advice guys. I will attempt today again
This has truly been a great experience.

It has been a while since one game "grabbed me" as much as this one has.
I am VERY glad to have had it itch to "check it out" and the $5 tag of course.


How do I


Pass beyond the Witch's hut? i am POST Dragon and seems I missed a quest?

Pretty sure you are locked out of that quest now. I vaguely remember you have to do part of that before going to Gran Soren for the first time.

Ahhh I see. I wonder the why it did not say me Failed or something.

That quest can only be gotten by "overhearing" a group of people talking about the witch in the town square during the daytime. It happens at the same time as the Bluemoon Tower and Fournival trial quests. If you didn't get it before then, then you can't but it won't give you the Failed quest indicator.

Well then I guess I am doomed! Since i lost it. oh well! Thanks for the update guys

So the specific prerequisites are finishing Lost and Found (find Quina in the Witchwood) and Come to Court (meet the Duke).

Lost and Found is given by the elder of Cassardis, Adano, and becomes available after the Hydra attacks the Encampment. It stops being available once you get the Wyrm Hunt License after you go into the Everfall beneath the Pawn Guild for the first time, so it has to be done before that.

If you did Lost and Found, then there will be some people talking by the fountain in Grand Soren after you leave from your first meeting with the Duke in Come to Court. This starts the Witch Hunt quest which stays available until you complete The Final Battle.

Since you didn't get a notice that any quest failed, you probably didn't pick up Lost and Found when it was available, as it's almost imposible to miss the quest trigger for Witch Hunt (going to the inn or blacksmith puts you within range of the npcs you need to overhear). There are quite a few side quests that work this way, where you'll never get a notice if you accidentally moved past the phase of the main story where they are available, and subsequently lock yourself out of the rest in that quest chain. Another sort of quest that you'll never knew you missed are the escort quests found on the quest boards. Many npcs have them, but they only show up if you have a high enough affinity with the respective npc.

I will letyou know what quets i have tonight. Cause i have some stuff that i need to give to selene... or so it says

If you missed that quest, Selene should still be in her hut post-dragon. If it's King Bay Leaves you need to give to her you're SOL, they only grow in the section of the witchwood behind the locked door.


Can anyone "gift me" a King Bay leave via a pawn?

You can just do new game+ if you really want to see the stuff you missed. It won't take that long to go through the stuff you've already done, but maybe look at the Dragon's Dogma wiki to see what quests are available when.

New Game +!! I do not know if I should or would have time. I am liking this game alot, but I rather advance on FF16. I will focus on advancing for now, reach the end and will decide once i am done!

Just a heads up then, Bitterblack Island requires you to go through it twice to see the final version of the final boss, and is built around continuing to go through it over and over to get the best items. Some of the BBI notice board quests don't even become available until the second trip through.

New Game Plus adds a handful of notice board quests to kill specific monsters, but no story quests. It does add a rift stone to the beach in Cassardis that let's you access the Ur-Dragon repeatedly, without having to go through the Post-Dragon Everfall.

I am confused, surprised and excited at the same time?
But more confused i GUESS. SO ONCE I finish the game? What should I do?

I am going the ISLAND to gear myself up and then I will collect the 20 shards to advance through the story.

that is what i am focused right now

What you should do depends entiely on your goals. If it's just to finish the story, that's perfectly fine, but you don't need to gear up for that. BBI is actually a lot more difficult than the end of the main story, as it's dlc that came out assuming you had already beaten the original game at least once. Even Everfall gear is not necessary for it, the stuff you fought the Dragon in should be fine.

Personally, my first goal was to finish the story. Then I realized I rushed the post-dragon part and missed a few quests, so I did new game+ until I got back there. Then I wanted to get max rank in all disciplines, for both me and my pawn. Once i did that and still didn't feel "done" with the game I decided to get us both to level 200 (which is max level and displayed as ∞. I got that last night and am still going to keep cycling through BBI until I've got the set of gear I want (only missing the helmet) and gold dragonforge it, then I'll finish my second playthrough and be done with it.

Yeah you don't actually need to beat BBI to beat the game. If you do, you'll actually be crazy strong for final bit of the main story. I did that and basically destroyed the final fight without taking damage. Honestly was great in its own way.

I actually played 75% of the way through the game on PS3 twice and then finally beat it on Xbox. I could see myself playing again in a few years but, for now, I'm quite satisfied!

Thanks for the explanatio guys. I will venture bit on BBI and then will try to finish the Story (collect the 20 shards right?) Once that is done, I will see where my fill and satisfaction stand and decide from there. I am VERY MUCH ENJOYING this game a lot

I need some advice!!!


I am a BBI and I found this GIANT EYE and it is kickng my rear. Any suggestions or strategy?


Ya gotta stab him in the eye!

I may be recalling a different fight, but I think there should be some stairs you can scale in that chamber. If you climb the stairs, you can get the height you need to jump off, grab onto that cornea & go to Stab City.

It's also a hard fight, so it may also be you need to make number go up with better equipment or levels. You should have access to some good BBI-exclusive gear from the main lady in the 'lobby' by now by way of trading.

Thanks for the tips!!!
The main lady is the woman that MAKES purifications on my gear? Or the guy that is a bit deeper in?
most of the stuff i have found turns out to be potions once purified....

So is it random the way I get gear?

The lady that does purifications, some of those purifications should be turning into rings and other things (the rings are random effect/stat but provide solid stat boosts)

Yes so far just rings and potions


omg!!! took me like 7 attempts!!! Wow what a fight

Well done, Arisen! I think The Gazer was the only BBI boss I ended up taking down in my run, but that's a good fight.

Thanks!!!! I took me A WHILE but I DID IT.. I had a blast.
So I guess I need to keep going right?

And I have a few questions.

Should I just keep exploring and eventually purify gear that I or my pawn can use?
Should I go back to Everfall, do the 20 wakestones "finish" the game and come back here? or the other way around?

Either way, I am having fun. This game has managed to give me an incredible funfactor. YES, despite all the issues and things mentioned here, this game is truly well done. I am THIS close to just hop over to DD2 once I am done, but NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILLPPOWER AND F16 are 1st!

I will take my son to a soccer match and then hopefully come back to play more!!!

Main thing to note is that if you "finish" the game and hand over the 20 Wakestones, you'll be locked into the endgame with no means to return. Once the endgame is finished, you can begin the New Game Plus with all of your old stats & items, and before long you should regain access to BBI, but the world will have reset to the game's beginning.

Which is to say, if you're enjoying BBI and you want more of it, keep at it until you've had your fill, because the finale is, well, final.

I see!!!! Thanks for the info. I want to get better gear, specifically for my mage pawn. I am tired of that pink ugly dress. So i just need to patiently and randomly wait for coffers and stuff and get lucky with purifcation? Is there an "end" to BBI?