Helldivers 2

GWJ Conference Call 905

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This week, Amanda, Daryl, and Aaron get into core gaming memories.

Games: Helldivers 2, Suicide Squad, Immortals, Spiderman 2, Tingus Goose, Synergy Demo, Summerhouse demo.

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00:01:07 Helldivers 2
00:07:42 Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
00:08:24 Immortals of Aveum
00:13:15 Marvel's Spider-Man 2
00:17:06 Tingus Goose
00:21:13 Synergy
00:25:32 Summerhouse
00:32:25 Core Gaming Memories

My first gaming memory is my sister and I entering hundreds of lines of machine code into our Commodore 64 which - if we hadn't made a mistake - resulted in a game we could play. They were printed in either Byte or Compute! magazines. Later on we got a tape drive, so only a short 30-45 minute wait for the game or app to load. After that was the Golden Era: a disk drive. Dad was part of a black market at his company who would all copy and swap disks of games. So many happy memories!