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I've got two USB logitech cameras I'd like to switch between.

ZombieCoyote wrote:

Any recommendations for a good virtual camera solution to easily toggle between two USB web cameras being fed into Zoom?

I was using OBS's virtual camera but want to test out a non-OBS solution. I'm open to hardware or software. I just need something that allows for really easy and fast toggling between multiple camera inputs.

Sounds like a job for a Stream Deck, or the Steam Deck Mobile app, but then I think they end up calling OBS to do the actual switching.

I poked at the Stream Deck Mobile app a bit. Looked like there were presets for several different streaming softwares. And I've heard that the Stream Deck has pretty robust macro capabilities; I wouldn't be surprised if it could just tell the video conferencing software to swap webcams. I don't actually know how to do that, but it's where I would start if I only had USB cameras. If you're on iOS they give you 6 buttons for free; I heard the Android version makes you pay to get any buttons, but that was a while ago and may have changed/just been unreliable info.

The hardware solution I personally use and enjoy when I want multiple cameras is an ATEM Mini* from Blackmagic Design. But that uses HDMI sources and presents itself to the computer as a single USB webcam.

*actually an ATEM Mini Pro with a fried Ethernet port. Won't stream natively but it still does more than the old ATEM Mini** did.

**Blackmagic no longer sells the base model; they dropped the price on the Pro and made that the entry-level option.

Veloxi wrote:

Yeah, I use events for all of my streams. I love having a unique key for each stream. It takes like three seconds to put it into OBS so it's no big deal.

Hey Veloxi. The thing I keep running into with the unique keys and OBS is that connecting my account gives me the Restream OBS info panels. But if I want to enter a unique RTMP URL and Stream Key then I have to select "Custom..." and I lose all of that. Is there a way to update everything without asking OBS to forget that I'm actually still using

Oh wait, you log into Restream THROUGH OBS? Yeah sorry, I've never done that so I've no idea. Keeping everything separate helps my sanity.

Well, after 1+ years of no technical issues I've suddenly been assaulted with a couple major problems. This is another one of those situations of "I didn't change or touch nuttin" yet, things have decided to stop working.

I started to get an audio delay to my monitor yesterday. Initially, I thought it was affecting both the broadcast and monitor audio but when I did a local recording, I was actually getting a doubling of audio, like an echo. I muted a bunch of audio sources in OBS to narrow things down. Ultimately I ended up going live and a viewer confirmed that the stream audio was in sync, however my monitor was still delayed by 0.5 to 1 second.

I have tried putting in the audio delay offset in OBS to no avail. I've done a lot of the other initial troubleshooting gleaned from Google. Made sure sample rate for Windows is the same as OBS as well.

This morning I got the bright idea to uninstall Voice Meeter (since I don't ever use it) and upon rebooting the PC, I now get zero audio coming out of the Elgato Wave:1 Headphone output. Currently going to reinstall Voice Meeter because... WTF?

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm at my wit's end here.

Ok so I've at least recovered to where I'm getting audio back through the headphones (I was being a complete knob, go figure). But still having to deal with this monitor audio delay problem.