Evan E, Choose Your Tag!

We've got tag sign, y'all! Evan E has crossed the tag threshold, and thus the deliberations begin. Congratulations!

A few sample ideas to kick things off:

Grinning Mouth, Neutral Nose
Bungee Survivor
Emits Excellence
The "E" Stands for "Evan"

Play ball, y'all


The E is for EVIL!!!


And now for something completely different
and Ivor E.
no relation
E is for Existential Crisis
putting the E. in Evan

Nobody expects a Danish circumcision.

E navE

And Ibor Y

That's a-me!
Easy E is my brother
It's Esquire, actually

The Extraordinary

Congrats Evan!

Explore, Expand, Evolve
Sketch Artist

Arise, thread!

All The Dishes Rattle in the Cupboard When The Evan E Arrives
Wild & E
Electronica Enthusiast

Fae Sovereign!


Based on this post.

Not at the opera

Tag T

Does Evan E evan know his tag is dangling?

This one is a clear winner.

Redherring wrote:


And Redherring also has a dangling tag.

Dust. Wind. Dude.
Drinking wine, eating cheese, catching some rays.
Always with the negative waves Moriarty.

In a particularly cruel joke perpetrated by my parents (and my great^3-grandparents, who played the same trick on their son), the E actually stands for "Evanson". Which brings to mind this nerd chestnut:

Q: What's the "B" in "Benoit B. Mandelbrot" stand for?
A: Benoit B. Mandelbrot.

So...somehow this "tag" thing has escaped me. Is this something I'm supposed to fill in on my profile? I looked at my Account page, and couldn't find anything like a "Tag" field.

We make suggestions and you pick one then ask Amoebic to add it in under your name.

In light of what you said:

The E stands for Evan E


Smile like you mean it