Stray Gods

GWJ Conference Call 879

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Rich, Daryl, and Amanda talk the nature and value of side quests.

Games: Stray Gods, Backpack Hero Early Access, OneBit Adventure, Elden Ring, Baldur's Gate 3.

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00:02:20 Stray Gods
00:10:27 Backpack Hero
00:14:22 OneBit Adventure
00:20:24 Elden Ring
00:31:31 Baldur's Gate 3
00:50:58 Side Quests

Many apologies for forgetting Disco Elysium, where the most important quest in the game is arguably a side quest.

I had so many notes about Disco and just never got to it in the convo lol.

I made a start on Elden Ring a couple of weeks ago and have been having a very similar experience to Daryl. I quickly got frustrated with wandering around at random and finding myself out of my depth over and over again, until I started using a short guide that just listed a rough recommended level for areas and major bosses.

Once I had an idea of if I needed to just 'git gud' in any particular situation or if I was better off finding something else to do I started to have a lot more fun.

Daryl, do you really need that many games installed on your PS5 at the same time? I also struggled with space on the default drive, until they added lists in the library. Now I have lists like "to play" and "VR" without needing to keep things installed until I play them. I have some perennially installed like pinball and Trackmania, but otherwise only the game or games I am currently playing.