Football Manager Series Catch-All

Didn't realize it until this year, but it's kind of ridiculous you can't see any information about owners.

You should definitely be able to see if your owner is temperamental, if he's rich, if he's only interested in making a profit, etc. You don't even need to show us all of his stats, just do what OOTP does:


Big changes are coming in the next few versions. FM24 will be able to load FM23 saves!

FM25 will be a whole new engine using Unity!

The Future of Football Manager

Blackice wrote:

FM25 will be a whole new engine using Unity!

Funny how that didn't seem even remotely controversial three months ago, huh?

Anyway, I don't expect them to move away from using it, especially considering they've almost certainly started already. They can afford the fees.

However, in other news, I think this may be the first year in almost 20 years of playing FM that I'm going to adopt my Madden/2K/etc. rules and not buy the annual release, in favor of skipping a year.

And it's not been that I dislike FM 24, I've gotten plenty of mileage out of it, just as I have with every game prior. But over the last month and a half or so, my desire to play it has totally fallen off of a cliff, and with so many other games on my "to-play" list, I genuinely think that I won't miss it if I choose to skip this year and buy back in next year.

The announcement trailer has just hit, and I assume the full game will be what I expect. Incremental changes and some bug fixes/quality of life improvements, with another 2-3 features that'll work a lot better next year.

And again, that's not a criticism! I think that's all they, or any dev really can do in the timeframe they have.

I just think I need a break from FM, especially with the absolute glut of RPGs I have to get through now (Pathfinder/CP2077/BG3/Starfield), not to mention a comical amount of other titles that have been sitting in my Steam library, uninstalled, unplayed or unfinished.

This seems like the perfect time for a temporary adieu to FM, and to come back for FM 25 when it may not be a whole new game, but will definitely feel different.

EDIT: All of this said, watch this space because if Fulham are in the relegation places come January, there is absolutely going to be a "NVM I BUCKLED" post from me.

The other piece of news I saw is that FM24 Mobile will be exclusive to Netflix subscribers. Might try that out myself, actually... the full-fat version is too heavy for me these days.

Presumably FM Touch will remain on Apple Arcade.


The Saudi League is IN THE GAME. XD

Prederick wrote:

The Saudi League is IN THE GAME. XD

Boy is it. Every other post on reddit FM since the beta release has been "The Saudi league is breaking the game! They just gave me €150 million for Varane!"

You could argue that it's unrealistic in the sense that, thus far, they've spent insane amounts on salaries, but not actually on transfers.

Not that they haven't tried, mind you.