Adult ADHD and Games

I’ve been on 40mg of Vyvanse for a few months now and while it helps it’s not helping as much as it did months ago. Or at least it feels that way. My doctor decided to gradually increase me to 50mg and then 60mg over the next month. Ideally that works out. If not, I’m not sure what change comes next.

Part of my problem right now is I’m massively stressed at work and in my person life right now. My reaction to stress is often throwing myself into more work and more video games and I end up with less sleep and neglecting all the humans in my life. I need to work on a more healthy response to stress and get some life balance. I hear mental health is a good thing so maybe I should get some one day. My sense of humor keeps me marginally sane.

My doctor is suggesting I talk to an ADHD coach. Apparently that’s a real thing and there are recommended ones in my city. /shrug

I think work will cover the costs so I’ll give it a try. Be open minded to the possibility at least.

My general problem with most help I see right now is it’s very ADHD specific and my particular brand of crazy is a mix of ADHD and other things. ADHD feels like the easier part to me. But unfortunately where I am in the world they don’t understand or have any support for adults with neurodivergence other than ADHD so I’m working with what’s available.

The other thing I’m constantly thinking about is how to be there to help my kids through all this since there is such a high chance they will be neurodivergent since I am. So even if I’m learning things that don’t directly help me it may end up being helpful for them.

Pro-tip: If your kids friends turn out to be neurodivergent, they probably will be as well. We tend to be more comfortable with other ND types than with "regular" people, although it's obviously not exclusive.

Oh right, this thread exists.

Vargen wrote:

On a different note, I had my annual checkup today and my doctor suggested doubling the dose of my meds. She suggested this a few months ago, but I declined on account of the side effects. Now I feel like they're under control enough to give it a shot. Fingers crossed...

Doubling the meds did further help the ADHD, but also cranked the side effects up to unacceptable levels. I had just stepped back down to the original dose, and then my Apple Watch gave me a few "your heart rate got really high while you were sitting down" warnings and now I'm off the meds entirely while the medical folks figure out what's up with that.

The first week of going off the meds was awesome. The side effects were entirely gone, but there was enough residual drugs in my system that I still had some benefit. Now that I'm a month out, I'm very much aware of why I went on them in the first place...

Doesn't that indicate that you might be really sensitive, and need a lower dose?

It's possible. But they gotta get my heart straightened out, or at least work out what's up, before I start taking any ADHD medicine again. So all I can do is wait for the hospital to call me to schedule the test and in the meantime try to figure out how to raise a toddler while I have bees in my head. Distractibility and toilet training are a heck of a combo...

I hear you. Good luck! You'll get this sorted.