Playstation showcase 24th May

I have high hopes! (as this thread shows.) Sounds like it’s an hour or so of PS5 and PSVR 2 games in development.

I’d like to see:

The new The Last of Us: Factions.
Spider-Man 2
Ghost of Tsushima 2 (probably too early)
Whatever Cory Barlog is working on (likely also too early)
What Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios is cooking up
Helldivers 2 (the first game was fun)
And a few things that are completely unexpected

Some calm and reasonable speculation:

It you can’t get enough speculation:


Everything that was announced with links

I have pretty high expectations for this too. We haven't had a proper Playstation showcase for what, 2 years? After Spiderman 2, the only Playstation first party games we know about are The Last of Us multiplayer and Wolverine. I'm expecting several new Playstation first party announcements.

It's very likely we're going to get reveals for a few of the live service games they have in development too. I'm not quite sure what to expect on that front.

I’m up for seeing a few live service games. It sounds like Sony are taking an incredibly varied approach and not just going for a series of Fortnite-likes. I also get the impression that some, like Haven Studios’ project, are going to be extremely innovative.

I haven’t found a live service game that’s for me yet. It’d be nice to have one I really enjoy that I can keeping dipping into.

Yey, not E3!

I've big expectations here, partially because of the near two year absence of any Playstation Showcase as well as feeling like this new generation hasn't really started yet.

We've only had a select few PS5 only titles so far with most games being cross gen. I literally hope there are next to no PS4 games at this showcase. It's time to see what games developed from the ground up can truly achieve, not just the nicer looking PS5 versions of Spiderman Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West etc.

I'm expecting Spiderman 2 to open the show & I really hope we get to see Spidey web slinging through New York at break neck speed with the environment & assets just being loaded in instantly, a step up in visual quality & a bigger variety in what pedestrians are doing, more traffic onscreen etc Co-op would be amazing but I can see this more as you switching between Miles & Peter on the fly throughout the story.

My wish for TLOU Factions is simply that it's like a next level The Division but with a much more interesting story, having both the co-op element of exploring a city together & 4v4 multiplayer games in something akin to The Divisions dark zones. It would be amazing to be able to go to huge apartment blocks that have been overrun by Clickers & other monstrosities & take them on with a couple of friends.

I can't wait to see what Death Stranding 2 looks like, the visual upgrade should be quite big but more than that I'm hoping they make this a more stealth driven game. I don't want to load 80kg of crap on Sam's back to deliver to the doctor halfway up a snow covered mountain.

The two other things I'm busting to see our new IP's from Housemarque & Bluepoint.

Other than that bring the surprises on!

Spikeout wrote:

I've big expectations here, partially because of the near two year absence of any Playstation Showcase as well as feeling like this new generation hasn't really started yet.

Agree, and also they usually announce these streams with a whole lot of expectation management, but they haven't done that this time. It could be a big one!

I would love to see a new Twisted Metal, mostly due to personal reasons, I spent more time is natural playing local Co-Op Twisted Metal 2 whilst at Uni and I just want to be able to do that on the internet. The PS3 iteration was a real disappointment but with the telly show coming up you never know we might get something good.

Nm. I misunderstood the title of an article. As you were!

Two hours to go!

Aside from the first party stuff, I would be thrilled to see a big Capcom reveal here, namely Monster Hunter World 2 or Dragon's Dogma 2.

Oh yes. Dragon’s Dogma 2 would be fantastic.

I haven’t tried very hard to get into Monster Hunter. I’m scared that I’d get too into it.

Monster Hunter has historically been a pretty tough series to get into, though it's much easier now than it used to be.

At this point, it's probably my #2 favorite franchise behind the Souls games. I dropped close to 500 hours into World + the Iceborne expansion, so I am eagerly anticipating what's next.

I do like the idea of hunting and fighting oofing great monsters. I found the game a little clunky using the weapon I chose but I gave it no where near a fair try. I own monster hunter world now. Maybe it’ll come in as a fun co-op game.

Ok. Here we go

Oooh. Not what I was expecting from Haven but could be a lot of fun.

Helldivers 2. Well that’s two things off my list.

Sword of the Sea: Journey and Abzu meets Tony Hawk.

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

Sword of the Sea: Journey and Abzu meets Tony Hawk.

Sword of the Sea looks so much like Journey that I assumed it was a sequel.

Neva has my attention.

Another Cat Quest game! Cute.

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

Sword of the Sea: Journey and Abzu meets Tony Hawk.

Yep. Neva is stunning.

Cats Quest: Pirates of the Purrivian is the title of the year!

Wow, holy Splatoon rip off, Batman!

Oh. The world’s first Splatoon-like.

Oh frig yes. Teardown! Watched hours of this on streams.

Edit: As an example (NSFW language and screams of frustration.)


I did not realize FFXVI was coming out so soon?!

I’ll be interested in trying an early Metal Gear Solid.

I have reasonable hopes this Assassin’s Creed could renew my interest in the series. I hope the combat is as focused as it looks.

Ultros also gorgeous looking.

Dragon's Dogma II. Somewhere Austin Walker is very happy!

And so am I. Looks remarkably similar to the first game. As long as I can climb about on monsters while they’re in the air I’ll be happy.


Edit Marathon?

Edit 2: Marathon.


I’m in.

Edit: I love this Marathon trailer with all my being.

Final Game:

Spider-Man 2?

Spider Man, Spider-Man,
Sitting in his camper van,
Sitting back, drinking booze,
Head to toe, sweet tatoo's...
Hey wait! You're not that Spider-Man