Hidden Gems of Apple TV+

polypusher wrote:

To watch a game after the fact you have to drop a huge amount on a 2nd subscription, and the interface spoils the results. Super annoying.

I don't watch much sports so I haven't investigated the details, but I remember seeing a "show sports scores in thumbnails" toggle recently when I was poking around in my Apple TV options for something else. Could be worth looking into.

Ted Lasso season 3 starts tomorrow. It looks like the episodes will be released weekly. Our subscription is inactive so I'll probably wait for at least a month and binge a few, unless the pressure to discuss the show real-time becomes too great.

Ah, who am I kidding, Apple, take my money!

"Long Way Up". Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman ride electric Harleys (LiveWires) from the tip of South America to LA.

If this is the last season of Ted Lasso, I do hope we get a Roy Kent spin-off or something.

My morning cardio workout felt like an Apple ad: Me on the treadmill watching Ted Lasso with my iPad and my AirPods. I'm such an Apple whale.

Loved the episode. I barely looked at the timer.

I dipped my toe in this month for the first time to watch some AppleTV shows. I've enjoyed many (most recently For All Mankind) and one thing I was surprised at is zero Apple product placement, unless I've missed it.

The Morning Show and Ted Lasso are filled with Apple products.

It's harder for shows not set in current times.

Im enjoying Shrinking. It's got fun writing, great actors, pretty much grabs you right away.
The Big Door Prize, and Loot, not so much. Only gave them one episode, not sure I'll give them more.

Really enjoyed For All Mankind, Severance, Foundation, Ted Lasso.

What next as I continue to devour Apple?

I’ve watched Ewan McGregor's Long Way Up, Invasion, and Mythic Quest and they’re all worth a watch.

I’ve not seen them yet but Slow Horses, Servant, Extrapolations, and the Mosquito Coast all look interesting.

Oh yeah I knew I forgot one. Loved Mythic Quest too. I'll try invasion next

Slow Horses is stellar. Just finished season two. Apparently season three is incoming as well.

I adored the first season of Home Before Dark. Also, The Morning Show is one of my favorite shows currently airing.

Thoughts about See?

Brutal fights. Well produced. But kinda slow a fair bit too. Did watch the entire first season and was generally positive about it. Did not watch the second season and it's been a bit too long where I don't recall exactly what was going on - so may not watch it until I/if I watch S1 again.

The amount of thought that went into the setting really impressed me. But it started to go off the rails a bit by the end of S1/first ep of S2 and that's when I fell off. Still well worth checking out IMO.

Silo's first two episodes are pretty good. Makes me wonder how much the season will actually cover, though.

Kurrelgyre wrote:

Silo's first two episodes are pretty good. Makes me wonder how much the season will actually cover, though.

I wasn't sure what to expect out of the show but am liking it so far!

Also enjoyed the 1st 2 episodes of Silo.

I was recommended Pachinko at random the other day and have watched 2 episodes so far. Its really good. I do wish it was easier to find good stuff on the app/site! I thought I'd seen all the gems already but clearly there are more.

Extrapolations was also quite good. Its sort of like Black Mirror but it's all about climate change and the trajectory of society. Their version of 2030, 2050, 2060 are very bleakly believable. Most episodes jump ahead 5-10 years to look at what happens next with the world, with technology, and in a few cases with characters or their descendants. Some surprising actors in this like Meryl Streep, Ed Norton, Kit Harrington, Daveed Diggs, Forest Whitaker

The first episode of Silo was excellent - terrific set, well told and well acted for something that's been done quite a few times before. Be very interesting to see where it ends up. I've not read the books. I'm not sure I'll get to finish this though as I'm not paying for another subscription and this is currently on a free trial (again) from apple.

Late to the party but I'm not sure what I made of the first season of Foundation. Again, another Seminal Sci-Fi series I've not read, but it wasn't quite as philosophical as I was expecting? Then again, I'm not sure what I was expecting in the first place. It certainly wasn't bad, but it definitely dragged - a lot - in the middle.

And slightly as an aside, I'd like to see someone do something a bit more positive with AI. Maybe Iain M Bank's Culture novels are due an adaptation?

The first half of Foundation was an incredible reimagining of the series to make it suitable for TV IMO. Then the last half it massively deviated and not in a good way. Will it even be renewed?

Season 2 of Foundation releases in July

That’s good news only if they somehow manage to write themselves out of the hole that season one left them in. I’m not confident.

Curious what writing hole you’re referring to.

I remember the end of the season being pretty clever (although slightly contrived) in how they are moving the series forward akin to the jump the books make.

All the religious stuff regarding souls and the emperor's journey, the way they seem to be introducing the second foundation. The weird stuff with the lost imperial ship.

Isn’t Harry Seldon alive in a form? He’s like an uploaded consciousness that interacts with present day people? It’s way off the rails from the books to say the least.

Its probably a consequence of hiring Jared Harris. The guy's just too interesting. Same thing happened with The Expanse, his part got a lot bigger and had a few cameos because it's Jared Harris.

Third episode of Silo - this is one of the best things I have seen on TV. Ever.

I'm skeptical of trying Silo because Wool was so bad I gave up reading science fiction for 5 years.

I liked the 3rd ep as well but I also mostly liked Wool and spin-off. So, probably best for you to skip it.

I was tense for 30 straight minutes watching the 3rd episode of Silo. Im not sure it's healthy.

I also got a strong, general, Battlestar Galactica vibe watching this episode. There must be some shared DNA