Kpop music thread. Stan talent, Stan-all.

I'm really liking the new stuff from TWICE.

I just saw on Instagram that Nicole from KARA just put out a new single on Thursday. I really loved KARA's recent comeback and this is not quite up to that quality, but still pretty good! Check it out:

Nicole - Mysterious

A new pre-release single from NMIXX came out today, and I think this will be their first official release since Jinni left the group. The song itself is fine, although I don't care for the name. I guess it's just a concept. Anyway, check it out:

NMIXX - Young, Dumb, Stupid

A K-pop group borrowing tunes from nursery rhymes was not on my 2023 prediction list.

a new song by Huh Yunjin of Le Sserafim just came out and I have to say, she should just release her own album and move on from the group if she can keep writing songs like these. But in a way, the songs are about being an idol, so not being an idol might put a damper on things. Anyway, check it out:

Huh Yunjin - Love You Twice

Another week has passed, and that means it's time for another Throwback Thursday! This week I went with a group that was most active around 9-10 years ago. They got started in 2010 with five members, but had some early roster shake-ups and by late 2012 they ended up with only two of the original members remaining in what was now a four person group. This was also around the time they started evolving their concept from a cute and bubbly vibe to a more mature and sexier concept. They never got too racy though, and thus avoided some of the media backlash that groups like Stellar received. Their songs also really improved in my opinion after the concept change, although a couple of those early releases are still a fun listen. The video I'm throwing back to today is the first one they released with the final iteration of the group's lineup; it seems like when you start the video it's going to be a more slow and ballad-y song, but it's actually pretty upbeat and high energy. Please enjoy!

Girls' Day - Don't Forget Me

Here's a late night, slightly late Throwback Thursday post. Just saw this on Sorn's youtube channel. Sorn and Seungyeon reacting to CLC's debut stage. Kind of interesting to hear their thoughts unfiltered now that they aren't beholding to their former company.

Tscott wrote:

...Just saw this on Sorn's youtube channel. Sorn and Seungyeon reacting to CLC's debut stage. Kind of interesting to hear their thoughts unfiltered now that they aren't beholding to their former company.

Yeah, I agree that it's fun to hear them talk about how they were feeling at the time when they end up with a concept or a stage outfit that is just cringeworthy AF. I was looking back at Sorn's channel, it looks like she deleted all her videos that were a over year old. But even so, she and Seungyeon have a couple other videos together that were posted within the last 6 months, and one of those has Yeeun as well (Yeeun also guests on Sorn's most recent song) so it seems like those three are still pretty close. I'm hoping once Kep1er is done promoting that maybe Yujin will appear on the channel too.

NMIXX - Love Me Like This

While NMIXX has certainly had my attention since their debut, I think this is the first song of theirs that I've 100% vibed with from first listen.

Yeeun - Strange Way to Love

Tscott wrote:

NMIXX - Love Me Like This ... I think this is the first song of theirs that I've 100% vibed with from first listen.

I agree somewhat, it starts strong and the pre-chorus is very good. The chorus is a bit too repetitive for me (it actually kind of reminds me of the Wonder Girls 'Like This' throwback I did a few weeks ago which is weird because that song is also pretty repetitive in the chorus sections but for some reason I like that song more so go figure). Also, generally speaking, there are too many sections where they drop out the bass chords and it's just the singing and rhythm which feels a bit flat to me. I'm being a bit nitpicky though, it's still quite good.

We were just talking about CLC and what do I stumble across but a single from Yeeun (formerly of CLC in case it wasn't obvious). Even though she was the group's rapper, this song is quite the opposite, and I think it's really going to get its hooks into a lot of people. Her vocals are simple and sweet; she's not going for super difficult ad-libs or high notes, but the song doesn't require them and it all works together nicely. Check it out!

Yeeun - Strange Way to Love

We're coming up on some exciting releases towards the end of this month. Here's a pre-release b-side to the upcoming Mamamoo+ (Moon Byul and Solar subunit) 1st single album, to be released on the 29th:

Mamamoo+ - Chico Malo


This song blew me away. I know CRAXY have been around for a few years, but I honestly don't recall if anything by them has been posted here. For some context for the title "Nugu" is Korean for "no name" or "unknown" and Kpop fans will frequently discuss "nugu groups".

Hi, and welcome to Throwback Thursday! Before we get into it I wanna give a shout out to the new Craxy song and album that Tscott posted about earlier today. Wow! I looked back at their releases and I noticed that they debuted at the beginning of March in 2020. I don't know if you remember, but there was some stuff kinda going down around then that maybe was, you know, distracting people. So, bad timing there, and I guess they've been struggling to make a name for themselves ever since, and (based on this new video) they are angry about it! I mean, you know, as a concept; I hope they're not actually angry. Anyway, the song is good, it made me feel feelings so I think you should check it out.

Secondly, new a new ICHILLIN' song and MV dropped today as well, and it's also pretty good! Less angry though. Check it out below:


Finally, #tbt! I'll keep it short and sweet. I'm going with the group that got me into kpop all those many years ago, Girls' mutha-flippin' Generation aka SNSD! There's a plethora of choices here; I could go back to the GG well again and again, but we'll start with one of their Japanese releases from 2012, a more calming track that should help alleviate all these angry feelings. Please enjoy!

Girls' Generation - All My Love Is For You

the new pre-release single from IVE's next album just dropped, check it out:

IVE - Kitsch

tbh, I'm not feeling this one. There's just no real strong melodic hook to grab onto; I was expecting going into the first chorus to get something cool but they zag instead and for me it doesn't work. Also very little Liz in the video, but honestly it make sense, there's not much for her to do vocally in this song. Still, it's a bit lopsided. Hopefully when the album drops there will be a stronger single they can promote along with it.

Ah, it’s a pre-release. That explains why it seemed to come out of nowhere, and why it isn’t grabbing me as much either.

Billlie - EUNOIA

I love the song, but it feels more like one of their b-sides than a title track. I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing.

All 6 songs on the new mini album are very good.

Tscott wrote:

Billlie - EUNOIA

I love the song, but it feels more like one of their b-sides than a title track. I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing.

All 6 songs on the new mini album are very good.

Yeah, I'm digging it too! But I can't shake the feeling that it's cribbing heavily from another song that's stuck in the back of my head. Still trying to figure out what it is. I'll update when I land on it.

The video seems to be cribbing from the New Jeans/TripleS formula. And while the Billlie lore is still there it seems to be lessened.

Also for Ring X Ring, Gingamingayo and Ring Ma Bell, all those videos felt like it could've been taken from my dreams. I don't know if I'm alone in this, but wandering around in strange buildings whose layouts doesn't make any sense while searching for something, or being chased by something, covers about 90% of dreams I remember. There's this weird familiarity in the oddness of those videos which I connect with. There's still a touch of that in EUNOIA, but it definitely feels dialed down.

I'm going to stop typing now because it starting to feel like I'm sounding like I'm disliking this comeback. But I do like it a lot- but I also had very high expectations for it and some of those weren't met.

Yes, there's some definite influence on the new Billlie video and concept from New Jeans and TripleS, but the song itself is reminding me of something I've heard before, although after thinking on it all day it's less clear now then when I first heard it. Maybe a TikTok challenge song or something? I can't quite figure out; it's a riff or song snippet I've heard a few times but not enough to identify it more than that. There's just something really familiar about the chord progressions in the chorus. Ah well, maybe I'll stumble across it one day. At any rate, I'm still really digging the song, so the similarity to whatever it may be is not hampering my enjoyment.

Moon Byul and Solar are absolutely adorable...

Mamamoo+ - GGBB

A couple more recent releases:

CSR - Shining Bright

Rocking doll Ahri - Eyes On Me

There should be one more big release for this month, a solo that I've been waiting almost 5 years for.

I guess it's springtime, bring on the super-cute releases! I wouldn't have expected it from Mamamoo tbh, but the song was fun as hell. The other two were good as well, and Ahri reminded me of another group from a few years back, as (IMO) she bears a bit of resemblance to Dalshabet member Woohee. And since it is Thursday, let's #tbt and talk a bit about Dalshabet. You might be familiar with them through the solo activities of former member Subin (also promoted as Dalsoobin) who had a few more recent notable releases and appeared in the show Miss Back alongside former 9 Muses member Ryu Sera and former Crayon Pop member Soyul, among others. Also, I believe former Dalshabet member Serri has been doing solo music activities recently although I haven't had a chance to check those out.

Dalshabet started as six-member group in 2011 and went down to four members in 2015, ending their promotions in 2016. Woohee actually replaced a member (Viki) who left the group in 2012, and I first discovered them around then with this video. It's actually a more quirky remix of the the title track from their 2012 EP "Have, Don't Have". I'll put the original MV below as well if you're curious to compare them, but I personally prefer the remix. Please enjoy!

Dalshabet - Have, Don't Have (remix)

Dalshabet - Have, Don't Have (original)

Jisoo - Flower

After years of waiting and wondering what Jisoo's solo would be like it's hear and it's good.

I hope that like Rosé and Lisa, she gets a second video for her b-side - I'm listening to it now and it's a bop.

Music video for the 3rd song on Mamamoo+ - Act 1, Scene 1 - Single, featuring lots of great Moon/Sun content.

Mamamoo+ - LLL

DreamNote - Blue

Han Seung Yun & Lee Sang Hoon - Beyond the Time

new Apink! Not sure what the title is referring to, but it's good! A bit less catchy than their most popular stuff but I'm really liking it. Also, Eunji was on the most recent episode of Lee Mujin Service on Youtube so check that out as well if you're into that sort of thing.

Apink - D N D

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! Hope y'all are doing well and feeling fine. It seems that spring has sprung; I can tell because it's not entirely pitch black when I leave work anymore! Also, my Instagram feed has been overwhelmed with cherry blossom pics these last couple weeks. Idols love to pose with cherry blossoms, apparently. In that spirit, I've chosen a floral-themed throwback to a 2012 solo release from one of the members of Brown Eyed Girls, which we've mentioned before in the thread; go listen to Abracadabra if you haven't already, it's a masterclass in pop music. This song I'm featuring today is really great too; the guitar is funky and Ga-in's vocals are really clean. The video is fun too (maybe a bit racy? springtime makes everyone more...vigorous, I suppose), although the pre-amble is a bit long; jump ahead two minutes if you want to get to the song itself. Please enjoy.

Ga-in - Bloom

A new Kep1er MV! It's pretty good; the pre-chorus has some nice touches and the chorus itself is somewhat catchy, but overall it feels pretty down-the-middle and safe. No bad parts pop out either though, so that's nice. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Kep1er - Giddy