Marvel Snap - Catch-all

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When a new card drops isn't it supposed to be in the token shop?

The next patch, tentatively scheduled for next week, is supposed to contain token shop updates including the change guaranteeing the new card release shows up in your shop immediately as long as you don't have something pinned.

As someone who forked up the 6k for Master Mold today, he's fun but there's definitely some deck building problem solving to be done with him. The seemingly obvious card package to pair with him (Ronan, Maximus) still seems fairly ineffectual even with Master Mold added in so far.

I don't know what he needs to feel more useful yet. Hopefully someone smarter will figure it out so I can stop fumbling around.

I'm also looking to get Master Mold, but so far I've only been offered all the other series 5 cards to buy with tokens instead of him. Sometimes the tokenshop can be a real downer. On the other hand I managed to get Kang after the second refresh 3 weeks ago, so I guess the Marvel Snap gods givith and the Marvel Snap gods taketh...

On the positive side I did manage to open Dark Hawk in a reserve today, and I was hoping to use him in a Master Mold deck, so there is that. Now the big MM just needs to show his face in my token shop.

I'm only missing 11 cards total from series 4 and 5, so he should show in the next few days. I sure hope the update they make to the token shop changes it so the new card shows up first time around when it gets release.

I just had MM pop up today, so I pinned him and hope I can get him before Negasonic comes out.

And in bug news, I just had someone retreat after my side revealed on turn 6 and I only got half points. I don't think that should work. Until it gets fixed I will be retreating if they have priority and I'm gunna lose. Well, maybe next month. Once I get to Infinite I have a hard time caring about cubes.

I have split the Momoko Mystique variant 9 times and I still haven't got they ink version.

TIL splits can have different results. I wondered why some cards had no colour.

People playing Magneto badly was really grinding my gears, I don't know why people shooting themselves in the foot was so annoying to me. But I was hit by two players in a row that played him well right as I unlocked him so I've started using him and he's pretty great if you play smart.

I'm 5 away from Pool 3 complete, but I thought to count my boxes since my last Pool 4, and I think I'm glad I did: I'm 36/40, and with the 4 cards slated to become 3 being rather lackluster (though M'Baku has been the surprise hero of my Cerebro 2 deck often enough to justify his existence), I think I shouldn't open anything until the drop happens on the 21st. This is smart, not pointless, right?

They just released a development roadmap for the next few months that highlights some huge changes, including-

-Conquest Mode: a new tiered competitive mode where you earn tickets in battle to fight in higher tier ranks.

-Token Shop revamp: token acquisition is being increased and multiple cards will be available to purchase in the shop, including a section for series 3 cards where you can pick 1 free series 3 card each season, and a dedicated new release section.

-Infinite Rank revamp: players who reach Infinite in a season will gain access to new leaderboards and stat tracking, and will only match with other Infinite players for the remainder of the season.

Thanks for sharing. A lot of great improvements in there. Happy to see them working on ranking mode matchmaking.

One weird bit I'm trying to process that seems to have come out after the announcement is that you won't be able to buy Series 3 cards with tokens anymore?

Sounds like that's the case, but now you'll just get a series 3 card for free every month.

So you can get pool 3 complete in just over 6 years.

Yeah they seems to want to maintain the rate of Series 3 acquisition. They must not have wanted the increase of tokens to allow people to move through Series 3 quicker.

I don’t know if I agree that’s necessary but I still feel positively about the announcements overall.

I don't know why they thought people would only want to buy series 4 or 5 cards. Shuri isn't near as good if you don't have Red Skull, Taskmaster, She-Hulk, etc. You need the series 3 cards to prop-up the few 4 and 5 cards.

I think they do know people want to buy Series 3 cards but they don’t want them to collect the cards that quickly.

Does hoarding caches until events work? My only experience with something similar was with Overwatch and once the devs caught on the contents of the loot boxes was determined when you earned it, not when you opened it. I would assume the same applies here, but not based on the reddit comments I'm seeing.

Reddit consensus holds that contents are determined when opened, so I'm hoarding just in case. We'll see tomorrow, I guess. A recent reddit post was a great motivator, as it's the exact scenario I fear: My pity 4 turns out to be Orka.

I got my first card since being series 3 complete yesterday and it was Knull. It could have been worse.

Currently box contents are generated when opened, confirmed by Ben Brode.

But he also confirmed they plan to change it to generate the contents when earned at some point. Just hasn't happened yet.

Update is out and I am series 3 complete again. Orka was in the shop and Attuma was my monthly free card. I didn't really want either, but....I didn't see a blance update, so I guess Shuri and Thanos get to live for another month.

Edit: Found the patch notes.

I don't think Shuri got enough of a nerf. We will see.

That reddit thread has been deleted, patch notes are here.
Seems like they’re aware that Shuri decks are a problem right now, so they decided to buff them by decreasing Red Skull’s negative ongoing effect and heavily nerfing Aero, who was the most effective way of combatting them.
I also don’t understand the Morbius change, having the card update it’s power while in your hand was a useful quality of life thing that doesn’t impact gameplay at all.

I think Red Skulls ongoing is increased to +2 if his power is above 15, but that would make him a 26 when Shuried and who cares about 8 power if you have a 26 on the location. Hopefully Taskmasters nerf will help some.

EverythingsTentative wrote:

I think Red Skulls ongoing is increased to +2 if his power is above 15, but that would make him a 26 when Shuried and who cares about 8 power if you have a 26 on the location. Hopefully Taskmasters nerf will help some.

They reduced his power to 13 but his ongoing used to be +2 to enemy cards, they changed it to +1, and it’s way easier to swing 18 power than 22. Keeping his ongoing at +2 with this power reduction would have made it possible to hold locations with most other double-digit power cards if you had other cards there as well.

It's kind of a nerf to Zero because he will be less vital.

Did the SheHulk nerf help Orka? On turn 6 Orka would be a better card. Still have to put him in the deck though.

I think a better solution would be to make Shuri give maybe +8 to the next card played rather than double it, it would make her more generally useful with weaker cards while keeping formidable turn 5 and 6 plays but precluding these massive +60 (or +52, now) power plays with Zola or Taskmaster that everyone is complaining about.

I was thinking making her a 5 cost would help but I like your idea better. Maybe even make her a 3 cost.

My fav counter to Shuri, Red Skull Taskmaster, Doc Oct, very funny seeing it drag Taskmaster into play for it to copy the Shuri power or some other random card. Today it copied something that was -1. Chef's kiss.

I've used Shuri all kinds of ways, including doubling Hobgoblins to -16, an absolutely dirty play that doesn't make mathematical sense, but one I'll merrily use whenever a mission to win with less than 10 power, 1 card, or force a retreat pops up. I'm glad they didn't touch her up, her effect is unique, it would be a shame to lose that because of 1 deck. I was lucky enough to get her quite early. I use her in my Sera deck to either boost Sera or Emma when Sera doesn't show, in the hope that maybe I can eek out a win with plan B, in Sandman or Apocalypse for obvious reasons, and in Control ideally on Magneto, because, yeah, his effect can be dicey.

Honestly, I have the exact Shuri/Zero deck that people have been complaining about. I'll go to it when Negative isn't cooperating, and when I do, I feel like I'm much more likely to Shuri a Captain Marvel, which feels pretty fun. Very rarely do I get the exact perfect setup described in so many reddit posts, where I've drawn perfectly to have an Armor here, a Cosmo there, so I can safely Shuri a Red Skull and then Taskmaster and Titania in the end. It does happen, but yeah, reddit seems to think the big cards are always quite protected. Also it's a bit silly, but I bristle playing Red Skull, it just makes me feel icky. Maybe with these changes, I really should swap him out for Magneto, who will now be much closer in power even doubled.

I finally got the update to show on iOS, and my first offered Pool 3 card is... Orka. Not that I have a lot of great picks left in there (Coulson, Black Bolt, Giganto, Helicarrier, Moon Knight, and the new two, not exactly cards or characters I've been salivating over), but I think I'll wait for the refresh in a few hours.

I can confirm that the update has done nothing to slow down the Shuri, Red Skull, TaskMaster decks. I hope you like Shang Chi. He has always been powerful, but in the current meta you have to run him. The dev's mentioned Aero being the automatic 5 cost card, Shang Chi is that automatic 4 cost card now.

SpacePProtean wrote:

I've used Shuri all kinds of ways, including doubling Hobgoblins to -16, an absolutely dirty play that doesn't make mathematical sense,

It absolutely does make mathematical sense.

3 caches and 2 Steampunk variants. Can't be mad.

gamerparent wrote:
SpacePProtean wrote:

I've used Shuri all kinds of ways, including doubling Hobgoblins to -16, an absolutely dirty play that doesn't make mathematical sense,

It absolutely does make mathematical sense.

Not when you're as bad at math as I am.

I haven't come across my Pity 4 yet, but I did get 3 new cards from my savings. Just 4 away, haven't picked a freebie yet, maybe I can be complete by the time Kitty arrives.

I'm having really good time playing a Sera Control deck at the moment, leaves you with decisions to make and allows me to feel like I have outplayed someone and has varity, unlike Shuri, Redskull and Taskmaster decks, most get a bit boring just playing the same 4 cards over and over again.