The Finals - Deposit, Defend and Demolish All

I have high hopes for this game made by ex-Battlefield devs. The first trailers sold me on the concept and the look. Getting hyped for a game, purely based on trailers is often a recipe for crushing disappointment but, thankfully, reports from from streamers I like who are experiencing the open beta are generally positive.

The game might still not be for me but the overwhelming chaos, potential for lateral thinking and slow ass TTK are all things I find in games I adore.

Initial teaser:

Beta trailers (Dice.. I mean Embark trailers at their finest):



Beta impressions:



Tip videos:

I sent this game to my brother and he said, "oh sh*t, is this a new Monday Night Combat?"

I love the destruction, the limited respawns, and the fact that it's not a BR. Eager to give it some hands-on time.

Yeah, I’m hoping my mates might be into it. Honestly it’s the sort of game I’ll happily play with randoms even though a team has a significant advantage. Teo playing the beta for 3 and a half hours. I’m feeling the menu music.

The good and bad of the game in it’s current state.

Meanwhile, in the finals (weird thumbnail but fun video):

It’s all good but the end of this one is particularly brilliant:

I like the look of this, though I've read a handful of first impressions that are a bit mixed. If they make an Xbox version I hope it comes to gamepass so I can try it out.

1Dgaf wrote:

I like the look of this, though I've read a handful of first impressions that are a bit mixed. If they make an Xbox version I hope it comes to gamepass so I can try it out.

It is coming to Xbox, and it's free to play so Game Pass doesn't matter.

The key is going to be balancing everything which they have time to do.

This is such an incredible advert for how wild and fun the game looks.

There’s an open Beta starting today for PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

The game is out now for free.

Every trailer they release gets me.

This looks really fun but I highly suspect my old man reflexes and it being purely competitive make it a bad idea for me

I’m starting to feel the same and I don’t think it’s a game where you can be losing but still having fun.

I've been having fun and losing at the same time. It's because the whole thing is so cinematic; you feel like you're in an action movie all the time. Even when things go wrong, it looks cool. THere are moments of 'Oh no!' or 'Oh my god!' that make the experience fun. I remember bursting out laughing when my friend shoulder-barged a wall in a skyscraper, only to find himself in mid-air with nothing to save him.

I tried to get the flank on enemies by shooting a skyscraper window, jumping through outside the building, grappling around the side. I intended to shoot anothe window on my way back in to get behind them, but I misjudged the grapple and fell to my death. But the fact I could improvise that plan in the moment?

Another cool bit was being on a zip line, shooting out a window in a townhouse and jumping through it.

I felt like I was in Bourne movie. I can't link to the moment, but skip to 2:29

It's one of the best shooters I've ever played - and I've played a lot of shooters. It feels fresh and quite unlike anything else, in the same way that Shadowrun and Brink did. For all their faults, they were creating their own sub-genres I think.

In one match I shot a cannister that exploded, dropping enemies that were on me to the floor below. In other game we destroyed a floating building with C4 in the final seconds, dropping the bank vault to the ground. It was covered in rubble, but my friend managed to get inside and drop a bubbleshield to switch the vault to our side. SOmehow there were gas mines there too, perhaps from the previous team, that stopped people trying to steal is back.

It also looks great; the character models are good, the destruction never affects the frame rate and the art style is like Mirror's Edge. It's a game you're excited to play and share with people. Remarkable.