Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

For today, my prompt was Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece:


One Piece is something I've actually watched/read, though I've fallen behind on the story lately.

Only three more drawings left this month...

Nice! I know One Piece (of course!), but I've never watched/read/played it. Maybe one of these days...

Kayfabetober, Day 29: Michael Myers.


Two to go!

I glanced ahead at the Keyfabetober list to see if the run of horror movie villains was going to continue. I see the answer is no, but you're not leaving the horror sphere yet...

For my part, I'm safely out of horror, unless the franchise has taken some odd directions since last I checked—it's Elesa from Pokemon Black & White:


Cool stuff! I've never played a single Pokemon game in my life, but I used to watch the original cartoon with my sister forever ago.

As for the next horror-themed drawing, I'm excited, even though I've never read anything by the author.

Kayfabetober Day 30: Lovecraft:


Only one left!

In a suit and a red tie I notice. Hmm...

Arttrober Day 30 is Polaris of X-Men:


No comment about the suit and tie.

But talking about clothes, I had never seen Polaris wearing that! Very nice! All those greens look great, especially her boots!

And the last Kaybafetober prompt is "The Great Pumpkin:"


We did it, Ravanon! 31 drawings in 31 days! Yay!

But I'm not done for the day! I'll be posting a bunch of Halloween drawings I did on Saturday later today, so stay tuned.

Can't wait!

The final prompt for Arttrober 2022 is personal choice as usual. Last year I did Battle Shrimp, but this year I looked through some of the games I've been recently playing, and landed on the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (playthrough still in progress). Thus, I chose to draw Susato Mikotoba:


Mario_Alba wrote:

We did it, Ravanon! 31 drawings in 31 days! Yay!

I am so tired.

I hear you, but it was fun!

Here you have my Halloween drawings, starring all my "children:"

Hazel and Annie:





And Grover:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

If you are new to 3D, this new tool may be up your alley:

I'm sure it's not as easy as they make it look... but that looks easy!

As USUAL I've faltered in my October challenge stuff. I'll probably still try to finish the list, hopefully by the end of the year, but i've got so many other things i'm working on it seems more prudent to focus on them!

Speaking of... a couple of maps I can actually show off! (commission for a home game)


...and i can FINALLY show off the map I did for the Dreadful Realms: Cavern of the Wise Minister sourcebook now that it's been released - along with actually getting to do some illustrations for once as well!





That Dreadful Realms map is BANANAS. Incredible work and creativity

Very nice work, pyxistyx.

it took SO LONG to draw!

I bet it did! It looks great!

I took a few days off after the madness of Inktober/Arttrober/Kayfabetober, and today I went back to The Foxhunt, which for some reason I'm coloring backwards. Here's page 7:


Interestingly, I copied the color layer by accident and hit Multiply, and the result, which is much darker, kind of looks closer to what I had in mind. Should I go with this darker version, or use the lighter one?


The latter is certainly more vibrant.

I think I like it better, myself.

The more I look at it, the more they look like different times of day rather than better or not as good. And perhaps they are also different building densities obstructing or passing on ambient light.

Just some thoughts...

In my head (and I think the text on Page 1 says so), the whole sequence takes place in the evening, so the second version might be more fitting. Of course, I might now need to add the extra layer to the following couple of pages and see if I can make them look like this...

I've done the same thing, accidentally copying a colour layer with the 'multiply' setting and going "Oh! Hmm...". It's funny how much you can learn about colour from happy accidents.

You could use the extra layer on the outdoor panels, justified by the time of day and the (off-panel) street lights making everything look more saturated, and keep the 'paler' scheme for indoor scenes (like back at the house in the last couple of pages).

On my side, I spent a good week not drawing anything since Arttrober, but now I've drawn a thing:


Good advice, Ravanon! And that drawn thing looks cool!

tief'! tief'! tief'!

Page 6 is done:


And now on purpose:


pyxistyx wrote:

tief'! tief'! tief'!

I suppose she is, yes. I think I might just like drawing horns on characters, along with giving them pointed ears and long hair (though I was more restrained with this one).

Mario_Alba wrote:

Page 6 is done:

I think the multiply thing works, but you probably want to apply it more selectively. There are a couple of panels (like the one with the chief, second down from top-left) which come out perhaps a little too murky in the latter version of the page.