Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Day 10 - HIDDEN


My Day 12—Zatanna of comics fame:


Got a bit bogged down on this one. Did take the opportunity to play with some Procreate brushes however.



pyxistyx wrote:


Of course the greatest treasure of all was the giant octopus that murdered the party rogue.


Day 13 of Arttrober is Marin Kitagawa from the manga Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (My Dress-Up Darling):


My powers of inference / three-second googling informs me that this is a cosplay series with an unlucky everyman male protagonist and (initially) one free-spirited female co-protagonist with shared interests. I could be wrong.

I, for once, knew this character because I read the first volume of My Dress-up Darling a couple of months ago. It was cute, but I think I'm too old to find that kind of manga titillating anymore. Maybe had I read it three years ago?

The main guy makes dolls and costumes for dolls, and the main girl (Marin Kitagawa) wants to do cosplay but is terrible at sowing, so they team up. Needless to say, he's never been around girls, so taking the measurements of the rather curvaceous Marin leads to all kinds of embarrassment for him. Anyway, you get the idea.

Here's my super fast Marin:


Day 14 of Arttrober (two weeks done!) is Naiad from Identity V, which I don't think is the fifth game in a series:


So Identity V is apparently an 'asynchronous multiplayer' survival horror game by Chinese studio NetEase. I'd never heard of it, but that's hardly a precondition of it being popular. Anyway, a fun character to draw, and one I may have spent entirely too many hours on (good thing it's Friday, I guess).

Awesome stuff, Ravanon!

It looks like I went for a more "mermaid-y" look:


Like you said, I had never heard of this game before, but this character looks really cool!


Just a generic dungeon tile today! (I couldn't think of anything else to go with "DUSTY" and my shoulder is aching so it'll have to do! ...also I'll need to make a few general dungeon tiles & corridors anyway so might as well)

Nice "generic tiled dungeon," pyxistyx!

Here's today's Arttrober drawing: She-Hulk. (I know this one!)


Yup, even I know She-Hulk:



Today's Arttrober character is Alice Nakiri, from the manga Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma:


As it happens, not only did I know Alice Nakiri from the manga, but she happens to be one of my favorite characters in the series. And talking about the series, I've read all 36 volumes and have loved every single one of them. As a matter of fact, it is my second-favorite manga, only behind Bakuman. I definitely recommend both!

My Alice Nakiri:


-Rav asked about learning blender and I sort of gave a glib answer. The truth is that blender 3.3 is probably the easiest it is going to get to pick up. It is incredibly feature rich out of the box. I don't really have any short list for basic tutorials sadly. I have had to skim a dozen of them for wisdom nuggets that clicked. And that is just for retopology.
-I waffle between frustration with its quirks and jubilation when I start to become productive and make things like the top half of the mechanic armor below. Modifiers and collections (layers but with 3D objects) are very messy and awkward to deal with.
-I am getting comfortable enough that I am using it instead of lightwave 3D, which I have used since 1996. I still have a pull to use lightwave 3D when I hit a block in blender, but after about 3 attempts to go back, the lack of features makes me jump back to blender after no more than a half hour.

That all sounds so complicated!

Yes and no.
-It is more complicated but compared to what is going on under the hood, it isn't.
-It is like driving a car. You don't have to know what the engine, coolant and fuel systems are doing to drive it.
-But if you do understand a little bit, you can choose which engine based on performance, which coolant based on what weather you are driving in, and what gas to use. (whether you need chains for snow, how well the car corners, etc.)
-Building basic things is still determined by figuring out the optimal starting 2D view port to draw in. And then flip to another view to add depth. Even programs where you are drawing in an oblique view, often times there are widgets based on orthogonal views for manipulation on a 2D axis.

-It is why VR sculpting apps aren't more popular. (aside from the fact that the mouse is unrivaled for speed, simplicity and control) Yes it is very powerful to sculpt in multiple axes non orthogonally. But it is much harder to control and so most VR apps resort to drawing on a surface for control. But non VR sculpting apps can do that just as well and often easier and quicker. (case in point, my mechanic armor is made primarily from drawing on a surface and couldn't be simpler once you know how to set it up)

It makes sense... I think...

Today's character is Ranni, from Elden Ring, a game I've never played and I'm not planning on ever playing:


My Ranni:


I haven't played Elden Ring either, though I suppose I might get around to it eventually. But for me, 'eventually' might not even be within the decade. It can take me a very long time to get around to certain games. Just too much to play, and I play as much old stuff as new.

I rarely find myself playing the current hotness, either --I can be very patient! (Also, I don't have a lot of time.) As for Elden Ring in particular, I don't do From Software games --they're too difficult for me. I'd rather spend my time on something less frustrating.

I would have loved seeing them turn Dynasty Warriors into a diablo still action rpg. It was simple 2 button combo control that would have worked really well. But then, that is Koei, not From soft so never mind ;P

Frame Gride, yah that is the one. Only From Soft game I almost completed. (last boss was a cheating jack ass)

I've only played the first Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Didn't get too far in either one. Oh, well...

Arttrober, Day 18: Storm, one of my favorite characters from the X-Men comics!


Still waiting for that Ororo Monroe to show up in the movies. (and her own movie)

Tile 13 - "QUIET"


Bit behind now as I've not been doing these over the weekend, but meh - better not to burn out on trying to keep up i reckon.

Mario_Alba wrote:

Arttrober, Day 18: Storm, one of my favorite characters from the X-Men comics!


Givin' me Elfquest vibes, too. Dig.

I was thinking Zendaya. But I get the Elfquest vibes too!

Here's my Storm:


I can totally see how you'd get those vibes, friends!

And awesome Storm, Ravanon!

And a quick Prompt 14 - "BARK"


Arttrober Day 19: Megumin, from KonoSuba.

I have no idea what KonoSuba is or what part this Megumin character plays in it.


It was fun to mess around with the Kuretake pen-brush thingy, though.