NFL 2022: The Week 6 thread

The Carolina QB room (aka Sick Bay):

Sam Darnold: coming off of IR this week; might not play for another 2-3 weeks

Baker Mayfield: Left foot is really messed up; no telling when he'll be back

Matt Corral: Died in preseason

PJ Walker: KIA Sunday against the Rams; he might be out because of a concussion, a wrecked neck or the fact the current coach staff realizes he can't play QB in the NFL

So that means ... it's probably Eason Season!


Jacob Eason was an All Pro on Sunday in mop-up duty till he threw that pick in the end zone. PJ was so proud!

Pink Stripes wrote:
Enix wrote:

Carolina's former coach

Are we not saying the name anymore? :D

It's against the rhules.

Carolina WR DJ Moore apparently knows the names of only three of the Panthers' four non-IR QBs.

They've just mutually agreed it's time for him to pursue other scams.

Kliff Kingsbury is open to giving up playing Call of Duty if it helps them win. Sorry, I mean giving up playcalling duty.

Just call it a tie. No-one deserves this W.

Hack Hackett.


Stop putting Denver on primetime please.

You don’t like watching Russ cook?

Is there a statistic tracked that measures how many sacks a QB takes unnecessarily? Like, I just see Russ running around making it harder for his line to protect him and holding the ball too long.

muraii wrote:

Is there a statistic tracked that measures how many sacks a QB takes unnecessarily?

Yes, PFF's "Allowed Pressure" premium stat.

Wilson went into tonight tied for 7th with 3 "own" sacks. His "own" pressure rate is actually fairly low though, with 12.2% of his pressures being attributed to him, ranking him 23rd among QBs.

These numbers don't yet factor in tonight's game though.

151 penalty yards by Denver. The most from any Monday Night team since 2000 (when they first started counting).

This from the team that was already 4th in penalty yardage (and tied for 1st in total penalties) going into this week.

I'll be shocked if Nathaniel Hackett keeps his job much longer.

God, if he get's fired there's going to be so many hacky headlines about how he couldn't Hack-it.

And some of you want the league to expand even further.

Teams should be publicly traded and have professional boards of directors that can be ousted by shareholders. The fact that this is a socialist union of billionaires is why it all sucks so bad.

With relegation (merge with FBS) and contraction at the NFL tier.

National level = T28 teams. 17 game season, two byes, you play your TNF game after a bye week (11 days rest)

Regional level 1, 2, etc. = Next batch of 28 college teams. Also have them publicly traded. No salary caps, require pensions and benefits for all players/employees. Each year the CFP finalists bump up to National level and the worst two National teams drop. Same on down the levels.

Would love to watch this.

And yes I know it won't happen. Just dreaming.

Trying to get some football in football eh?

Interesting tweets from Brett Kollmann today.

He pointed out that, contrary to the belief that Cover 3 has been falling out of vogue, teams actually played more Cover 3 in weeks 1-5 of this year than in the past 5 years.

So why the disconnect in perception? Because all those Cover 3 calls are happening on 1st down. Teams are looking to play single-high and move a safety down to slow the run game on 1st down, then shift into all those two-high looks after stuffing the run and getting the offense into 2nd-and-long.

Passing downs are indeed being increasingly defended with Cover 2, Quarters, and Cover 6, but Cover 3 remains in the defensive playbook as a way to put defenders in the box on early downs, while still defending the sidelines for shot plays.

Jim Irsay says there is "merit" to removing Dan Snyder as Washington's owner.

Irsay's probably like, "what dirt can Snyder have on me? That I'm an alcoholic? That I popped pills? That I hate my quarterbacks? Everyone already knows!"

Jim Irsay thinks there's "merit" to remove Dan Snyder. He also thinks there might be the necessary 24 votes to do so. Either way, the gauntlet's been thrown.

Edit: Legionhausered.

As an Eagles fan I do love the ineptitude of Snyder as an owner..but he’s a horrible person and the fans of that franchise deserve better so I hope he gets the boot…and a new owner comes in and cleans house properly.

Jerry Jones doesn't want Goodell to have a new contract and...

The sources said Kraft joined the overwhelming majority in strong support for the measure, with Jones the lone dissenter in the owners-only session, eventually telling Kraft, "Don't f--- with me."

Kraft replied, "Excuse me?"

"Don't mess with me," Jones said.

Thirty-one to one in favor of the measure and Jerruh acts like he holds all the cards. Even Mr. Dirt Holder sided with the majority.

Speaking of Mr. Dirt Holder, he apparently sent a letter to the rest of the owners saying the reports about him being a dirt holder are dirt.

Yeah. The only thing worse than trying to get dirt on your partners in a cartel is trying and failing.

When you come at the kings, you best not miss.

Jim Irsay elaborates on his comments from yesterday. Unfortunately, he plays the "As a father of daughters" card.

HEY DARNOLD is back at Panthers practice.


*Legion* wrote:

HEY DARNOLD is back at Panthers practice.