GWJ Conference Call 830

Cursed to Golf, As Dusk Falls, Immortality.

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Amanda, Rich, and Shawn get together to chat about the best games we played this week, the GWJ 2022 Donation Drive, and Extra Life!

Immortality spoilers start at the 1:07:00 mark.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:01:51 Cursed to Golf
00:13:30 As Dusk Falls
00:24:25 Immortality
00:42:30 Extra Life 2022
00:44:30 GWJ Website
00:48:33 GWJ Donation Drive 2022
00:58:20 Your Emails
01:07:00 Immortality Spoiler Section

That Immortality spoiler time was spectacular. I can't thank Shawn and Amanda enough for that deep dive.

I wanted to keep listening, but there was that 30% of me who wants to play Immortality at some point who said, "Remember that time you listened to the Dragon Age: Inquisition spoiler section before you finished the game and found out about Solas?"

I think Shawn may be a golf savant because I've heard that a lot of people find Cursed to Golf pretty hard. The developer is on the latest episode of 8-4 play and I found it to be a good listen.

I enjoyed hearing about Cursed to Golf because it's on my wishlist. As Dusk Falls is pretty good. I found the art style a bit jarring at first (it was like watching a comic book of sorts) but it grew on me and I think it gives the game its own identity to separate it form Telltale, Quantic Dream, or Dontnod. The story had enough interesting choices and characters to keep me going and I had a good time with it.

For Immortality, the game thread is pretty active (and filled with properly tagged spoilers).

ThatGuy42 wrote:

That Immortality spoiler time was spectacular. I can't thank Shawn and Amanda enough for that deep dive.

I can't wait to see credits so I can listen to the parts I left for lol.

Super duper looking forward to Extra Life and on a quick note, if we reach our goal of 8 goodjers on the team, I'll match the donation, just as Meebs will, so get on board, folks! What's the worst that can happen right? Absolutely nothing, because every little bit helps.

As for the donation drive, I'm already in naturally, but before I posted, I wanted to wait until these little guys came in (hence the delay). I'd been meaning to get them for a while, but the donation drive was a great reminder. Thanks for all your hard work, powers that be!


Weeks later, but damn good job on that spoiler section Amanda and Shawn! Shawn's theory is killer.