MLB 2022 Season

I don't want to jinx anything, but lately the Angels have started to look a lot like a professional baseball team.

Shohei Ohtani is the first player in AL/NL HISTORY with 30 home runs and 10 wins on the mound in the same season.
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Shohei Ohtani currently leads the Angels outright in both plate appearances and innings pitched this season.

The last MLB player to lead his team outright in both PA & IP in the same season was Jim Devlin of the Louisville Grays in 1876.

Go Grays!

Stele wrote:

Go Grays!


Aaron Judge might hit 60 HRs and miss out on the MVP, and have nothing to complain about.

I'm sure everyone here knows this already, but Jomboy is must-watch MLB season content.


Haha. Yeah, I saw that earlier.

I'd still be nervous about trading for him and giving him a massive contract because presumably that contract value will be based on the fact that he both pitches and hits, and doing both gives him more injury risk than anyone else in the game.


Can't even hit more home runs than the rest of his team combined... DFA already

Prederick wrote:

I'm sure everyone here knows this already, but Jomboy is must-watch MLB season content.

I do enjoy his stuff, although TheWalt gives me stick for doing so, since Jomboy led the charge on the "Altuve was wearing a buzzer" conspiracy theory.

Of all the days for Nick Castellanos to be in the IL, but at least we got this from Reggie Jackson.

The M's may not be the best team, but I think they're the most fun team.

I think Judge is gonna do it. I think he's going to start The Discourse.

(Srsly tho, 57 through 142 games. I think he's gonna do it.)

Whoever ends up getting him is going to pay him so... much... money.

If there was only something he could do to hit more home runs...?

EDIT: Wrong thread, blah.

Among everything else, Judge also has the second most steals (16) on the Yankees, behind only IKF (18). He'd probably have more but he isn't on 1st that much.

17 games for Albert to hit two, 18 for Judge to hit 5.

I think Pujols for sure, and I'm hoping for Judge.

11th multi homer game
On the verge of a triple crown
16 games to go

Edit: TIL Maris isn't in the Hall of Fame.

If he doens't get to 61 at a minimum now, it's a letdown.

I still have no idea who I'd choose for MVP, him or Ohtani, although if Judge gets the Triple Crown, I think he wins by default.

60! And a win on Stanton's grand slam.


Regardless how one feels about McGuire, Sosa, and Bonds, the AL single season home run king is still Roger Maris unless Judge hits a couple more.

Very much appreciating the "we ain't gotta give you sh*t to hit" energy the Red Sox are giving.

I would like to see Judge get 62 and the triple crown, and then I would like to Baltimore sneak into the playoffs and win it all

Prederick wrote:

I think Pujols for sure, and I'm hoping for Judge.

Pujols did it first!

Judge needs to hit that thing ASAP because he can't have the Maris family flying all over creation waiting to honor him.

I told everyone at my job after the Pittsburgh games that he was dead-cert to do it on the road. Lo and behold.

It's a good thing the Maris family remembered where they left their passports.

Popping in to say I am shocked the Guardians are in the playoffs and look forward to them getting surprisingly swept by the Mariners.