Tesla Solar and Electric Cars

Just here to lament continuing to be on a very informal waiting list for an Ioniq 5. Its been 3 months and there's ONE dealership in the area not charging an exorbitant $10,000 over sticker. I check in periodically and can't help but think I'm missing some obviously better way to get one like harassing Hyundai customer service or something.

Which version of the 5 are you looking to get? At this point the Ioniq 5 would be what I would purchase as well.

At the beginning of the 3 months it was 'Limited or nothing', then it was 'Limited or SEL or nothing!'. Now it's basically 'please let me spend a huge amount of money on a car'

3 months after doing all the research I can't actually even emphasize why, I'll just trust my prior research :p
I think it had a lot to do with the 360 degree camera view on the limited which let you park with an 'external' view of the car on the screen.

Im not sure that feature survived parts shortages

Phishposer wrote:

It's MG&E here, but I was thinking other places might have similar deals.

Having a 40A 220V charger at home is really nice though. The 110V charger that came with my car was NOT cutting it in winter with the reduced battery efficiency.

Ok, I've got WE Energies and all they offer is renting a charger and you can only use it during cheaper times. And wiring isn't included.

It's easier for me just to buy one and pay for my garage to get wired.