GenCon 2022

Hello GWJ Friends!

I'm super excited for GenCon 2022, and thought maybe a thread for talking about the event and possible meet-ups would be great! My Google-fu is weak, so if this is a duplicate post, point me in the right direction!

GenCon 20022 August 4th - 7th, 2022, Indianapolis, IN Convention Center.

Policy information on vaccination and acceptable codes of conduct:

Badge info

Event info:

And, unfortunately, the whole hotel block is booked, but if there's people still looking for a place to stay, maybe follow up here?

or here?
Crazy Google search link?

Cheers! And hope to see some of you in Indy!

Update! We've confirmed a few tables at Tapper's Arcade Bar for Wednesday night, August 3rd! Come on out, see some people, and maybe play some games!

Awesome! I've carried my tickets over for two years now so I'm looking forward to this year. Will be nice to get back and check out some games!

Hello, folks! In previous years there's been the awesome evening hangout space where folks have gathered with their games and stayed up all hours of the night playing. Is that gonna be a thing again, this year?


On a recent episode of the CC, ThatGuy42 plugged the details of Saturday night gaming. I'll repost them here for everyone's convenience.

Who: GWJers
What: Board Games
When: Sat, 8/6
Where: Hilton Conference Room (8th floor)
Why: See Who & What

I don't know the start time. I assume some time after the show floor closes but not necessarily immediately after.

Awesome, thanks for sharing! I'll be attending with a few friends, we'll maybe stop by the room. Looking forward to going to GenCon again!

More Details!

Tapper's Arcade Happy Hour starts at 6pm Wednesday, August 2nd.

Saturday night games! Starting shortly after 6pm (we get the room to start setting up then) and going until 9pm we'll have appetizers and drinks in games in the Hilton Conference room courtesy of Restoration Games!
Just a note here that there may be some game testing and prototypes available, so please, no pictures or posts of those things without authorization. Also, just like GenCon, vaccinations will be required, but masks will be optional inside the conference room.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

We have wrapped up at Tapper's! Thanks for coming out, and looking guard to Saturday!

How was it? Sad to miss it. We get in late tonight/early tomorrow morning.

Has the vax wristband and badge pickup process been alright?

My haul today!
Evil Intent
Reality Shift Deluxe
Masters of Mutanite
Revenge of Dark Tower + Dark Horde expansion
One again, a great deal of fun at GenCon!

Also, shout out to the community member who recognized my Stan sticker and said hello! I'm so sorry I didn't get your handle or name, but find me again and next time I'll have stickers to give out!

The Ennies livestream was hilariously terrible in quality but amazing in results!

Congrats to Evilhat for big Thirsty Sword Lesbian wins.

But also congrats to meeeee and the whole Uncaged Goddesses team for a Silver (Best cover) and Gold (Best Adventure) wins

Thanks for hosting us ThatGuy42. It was a great time! Got to meet some great folks!

We played a round of Return to Dark Tower and ended up pulling out the win! That was a fun experience! Really well put together game!


Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the Goodjer room, but this was a fantastic GenCon! I had a lot of fun and a couple of really standout experiences:

1. Playing the Crime Scene Tamperer prototype with Strongbad and The Brothers Chaps! So good. Some of the cards were prototypes that they just drew up Teen Girl Squad style and we were trying to convince them that the cards should look exactly like that, it was amazing. Playing a game while having Strongbad continually encouraging/insulting you was incredible.

2. Got a preview of the prototype of Galactic Renaissance which is the follow up to Inis. That game looks absolutely incredible and I can't wait for it to come out.

Will maybe share a writeup of my board game demos in the board game thread!

It has been a hectic work week since coming back from GenCon, so I apologize for late posting here.

But! Let me say this was a spectacular GenCon! Thank you so much to Charlie, Allen, and McChuck for talking about GenCon on the CC. Thank you to all the community members who stopped by and said hi! But most of all, thank you to gamers everywhere who recognize we need safe places to game!

Also, here's that photo from BreakingPoint0 for Dark Tower!