The Last of Us Remake, Factions and HBO TV series - Anticipate All

Yes, I’m a bit early with this thread, especially as the remake in particular has yet to be announced, but I’m excited for the possibilities of all three projects. The HBO TV series in particular could be phenomenal. Bella Ramsay and Pedro Pascal are perfect castings.

Anyway, a thread where I’m getting over excited about three projects we know little to nothing about. What could possibly go wrong?

Edit: Neil Druckmann at Summer Games Fest talking about all the things this thread is about. Lovely guest spot from Ashley and Troy as well.

The reveal trailer and the talk afterwards:

I don’t like to look at too many photos or videos from the set of the TV series but here are a couple of great shots. The first is of the cast and the second is Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay as Joel and Ellie.



Edit: With The Last of Us remake there isn’t really a compelling argument for it to exist from a graphics point of view but I can easily see the commercial realities that make it a smart investment for Sony. There is the HBO series, mentioned above, that is likely to bring a lot of new fans to the series; to whom the remake will offer a more cohesive and visually consistent experience between Parts 1 and 2. The same goes for players on PC many of whom, similarly, will likely be playing the games for the first time.

One justification for the remake that isn’t often mentioned is the fact that Naughty Dog intend to bring their phenomenal accessibility options, featured in part 2, to the first game; meaning that blind players and others will be able to play Part 1 for the first time. That’s as worthy a reason for the remake’s existence as any other.

Here is a video covering The Last of Us Part 2’s extensive accessibility settings:

We'll see

Edit: This is a good discussion.

Leaked early by Sony on Playstation Direct. Whoops!


I should perhaps be called a mark, but on the other hand this was, in my estimation, the best game of the 20Teens, so I guess I'm getting it for a third time.

Summer Game Fest was worth it for this alone.

There’s also been a little information offered about the new multiplayer.

I’m down to get it but not at $70 so I’ll wait for a sale. Maybe play it next year or something. Not saying whether it’s worth that or not, just for me, since I already know the story, I’d feel better if I invested less $ in it.

This is a piece of concept art for the multiplayer.


Thinking about The Last of Us has reminded me of one of my favourite videos. I’m glad they are sticking with the original voice work for the game so we get to hear some of these gloriously NSFW lines again. Spoilers galore.

I really like tess’s new character model and you can feel the emotion in that moment. Prepare yourself, it’s the briefest of brief clips.

Hopefully they announce a remake for Part II in the near future. It's been two whole years so it's starting to get long in the tooth.

This guy is a speed runner and he has great observations on the remake.

Edit: Is it worth $70? Opinion piece.

The more I see of the visuals and animation the more excited I get. Several folks have commented that this project is likely a good way for the studio to learn the ins and outs of the PS5 and I remember Neil Druckmann saying that the remaster was invaluable in helping them to get accustomed to development for the PS4.

Time for a replay.
Just picked up the Remastered for the PS4. I played the original release on the PS3 way back in 2013.

Goonch wrote:

Time for a replay.
Just picked up the Remastered for the PS4. I played the original release on the PS3 way back in 2013.

Oh nice. Enjoy. I noticed so much more in later play throughs.