Pokemon Gotta Catch-Em-All

I don’t know if anyone was predicting this, but they just announced the Gen 9 Pokémon games: Scarlet and Violet. And it looks like they’re going for more of a true open world than Sword and Shield were. The trailer looks like those games with a lot more polish. And it’s come out late this year. Three Pokémon games in about 12 months (Diamond/Pearl remake, Arceus, and now this) may be too much too fast. But I’m still interested to see what this is.


Waiting for a random time distortion spawn to get a random pokemon spawn is the weakest part of arceus. So in pokemon game terms best game yet.

PSA... I did not scroll back up... but today the Criserria or that soft glitch was patched!

Wow is the last fight in Arceus a load of BS.

The controls just don't feel good. maybe it is my switch controller but still doesn't feel precise enough to feel good.

Theme wise I feel like it should be more focused on my end team as they are the diverse team i got by catching them all.

I think my final verdict it "we need a final boss, what is we did x again but bigger and more health".

I'll agree with that. But it's still my favorite Pokemon game so far.

I fought God, beat him, put him in a box and am now using him to attack pigeons in the park.

New trailer dropped for Scarlet and Violet:

Main takeaways are we see the box legends, it looks like there is some sort of co-op mode where 4 players can be run around in the world together, and we have an release date of November 18, which is basically exactly what I expected based on Nintendo's known release calendar this year. Sword and Shield also came out on the third Friday of November in 2019.

4 player co-op is a pretty massive announcement. That could be extremely cool if it's well implemented, but I can just as easily see Game Freak making it an absolute nightmare. I'm going to stay skeptical of that until the game releases.

The most exciting takeaway for me was learning that Toby Fox composed the field music for Scarlet and Violet. His track from the Sword/Shield Battle Tower was a banger.