Salt and Sacrifice

I was a huge fan of Salt and Sanctuary, a 2D souls-like from several years ago. I was excited to see that they have released a sequel, Salt and Sacrifice., available on Epic.

One of the things I loved about the original was that it was a love letter to Dark Souls - not just an action RPG that drew on some of the Souls mechanics. It clearly was made by someone who just loved those games and wanted to celebrate them in their own way. The new game preserves a lot of that feeling, so far.

My only initial hesitation with the new game is that the animations and controls feel very sluggish and kinda wonky. I'm holding out hope that they are just another example of how the genre makes you work around the animations to build your skills, but so far I'm not loving the overall feel of the controls.

Any fans out there?

I put a few hours in so far and its good.. I'm not sure if its going to hold up but so far its a nice sequel.. Already though I can sympathize with some of the early reviews that said it really suffers from no map.. The first one was ok without a map since most of the levels were "smallish" but I'm already struggling. Not sure if it can be patched in later but it really needs it.

I was bummed to hear there was no map as well. That was my biggest complaint with the first game. It works fine in a 3D setting, but I struggle to internalize a giant 2D map, regardless of how well it’s designed.

I won’t be able to get to this until later in the year, but I’m happy to see that impressions are generally positive. Maybe I’ll have my Steam Deck by then. This seems like a great game for that.

mistake post

I’ve killed 3 named mages and 2 bosses so far. Still not sure I’ve figured out all the systems yet. My blazing Katana has some sort of power but I can’t ever seem to activate it. Possibly need magic skill?