May 2 - 8


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Welcome folks, and happy “551st Anniversary of the Battle of Tewkesbury” week!

This was the final battle of the Wars of the Roses in England, the bloody house-on-house domestic feud that inspired G. R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. It came hot on the heels of the Hundred Years’ War, so the English had been fighting for generations at this point. Despite this, no set of medieval English knights’ armor has survived to this day. You may all celebrate by playing a game where your loot disappears if you drop it.

It’s a quiet week, which suits me fine: I am knee-deep in Elden Ring and sinking further. What a tremendous game! All I can think about is how if I grind up my Endurance, I could equip my cool new armor and keep a medium load, which will give me the edge against some mobs in a place where I can find a new spell, which I need to help me with some boss fight and … believe it or not, that is peak fun mode for my brain.

But for those of you who need new hotness, well, there’s a few things on offer. In the absence of any blockbuster titles, a bunch of smaller genre games can come to the fore.

There are so many Warhammer games. By the time you finish reading this sentence, another 12 have been greenlit. This week’s one is Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters and has Andy Serkis in it. It’s Warhammer X-Com: base-building, taking your squad on turn-based missions, upgrading their stuff and whatnot.

The dudes from Mystery Science Theater 3000 still do their “banter over bad movies” shtick under the name RiffTrax. RiffTrax: The Game gives you and your zany friends a chance to write, or at least choose, the gags yourself. There’s two games. One is where you write a riff for a movie scene and one of the RiffTrax dudes says it, though the voice-to-text function makes it sound like traffic directions. The other game has you pick a patented, pre-recorded RiffTrax riff (such as “It’s throbbing. No really, it is!”, or the ever-reliable “Nipple”) to go with a scene. Winners are decided by vote and you can have spectators who vote but don’t riff.

Elemental War 2 is an indie tower defence game which has paid a lot more attention to its single player campaign than the first game. Now you have to do quests to unlock all the different upgrades and defence types. Then you can take it multiplayer or noodle around in co-op.

Loot River is a roguelike RPG with pixellated art style that reminds me of Children of Morta. And you are facing hordes of monsters in proc-gen dungeons, Diablo-style. But there’s a unique traversal mechanic that switches things up: the maps contain blocks of different shapes that you can move on to and swoosh to a different location, Tetris-style, creating new paths or blocking old ones. This becomes part of combat as you can use it to dodge, cut off or divert enemies. Smooshing Diablo and Tetris together sounds like a Mad Lib, but it looks well-done and reasonably compelling.

Citizen Sleeper is an adventure game/RPG with time management elements. You are a sleeper: someone who got themselves digitised and put into a new body. You’re on a space station with a space job, hiding out from Space Corporation, who wants its body back. Your money and a bunch of your other resources are dwindling away and you have to choose your activities for each day: go to work, talk to your neighbour, hack a terminal. You have so many activities per day, and at the start of the day, you roll dice and place them where you want into each activity: do you give your high roll to work and make more money, or put in a low roll at work and save it for hacking a terminal for quest reasons? This aspect sounds pretty fascinating.

Wildcat Gun Machine is a bite-sized, bombastic bullet hell shmup that makes you feel like you’re playing the loudest game in the arcade, with unlimited coins.

Trek to Yomi, published by Devolver, is a samurai sword-fighting game in black and white. It is like a mobile, scaled-back version of Ghost of Tsushima: it also claims inspiration from Kurosawa films and the combat has similar emphasis on timed parries and combos. You explore in isometric 3D then pull back to side-scrolling for combat. Unlike Ghost of Tsushima, the gameplay and combat cues are designed for black-and-white presentation. This looks super tight and atmospheric—the backgrounds and camera angles make you feel like you’re playing out a classic Kurosawa scene.

This week’s choice is about trying to imagine ever playing a game other than Elden Ring ever again, ever. I’ll give the GOTW to Citizen Sleeper. As cool as Trek to Yomi looks, it’s still an action game about swording folks, something I’ve done thousands of times before. Citizen Sleeper has the appeal of the new—I like the idea of rolling the dice and deciding what to do for the day, including what I may have to suck at. Because that never happens in reality, ha ha!

Here's the list, now in release-date AND alphabetical order!


  • 05-02

  • 25 Degrees N 71 Degrees W
  • Abyss King
  • Acquitted
  • Ardor
  • Arobynn: The First Adventure
  • Arsenal Shock
  • Carolina
  • CleanVirus
  • Crown Land
  • Death Cube
  • Dino-D
  • Duline
  • Dungeon Reels Tactics
  • Eshe's Wish Adventure
  • Fidget Spinner RPG
  • Frostbitten
  • HammerBorn: Tears Of Mani
  • House of Weirdos
  • Idle Spiral
  • Industrial Trouble
  • It's Hard Being A Dog
  • Jeu de Tarot
  • Krispain:Roguelite Shooter
  • Last Day: Zombie Survival VR
  • Last Hour
  • Leviathan's Sword
  • Light Of The Past
  • Magna Graecia
  • Maze Workout - Western Lost Solo Car Racer
  • Meth Master
  • Miner of Minerals
  • Operation Pill
  • Pizza Synthwave
  • POLE
  • Prop Hunt 2.0
  • Researchity | Open World Survival Game
  • Rogue Door Defense
  • Sahara's Underworld
  • Scufflers
  • Sea Horizon
  • Space egg shooter
  • Tales From The Unending Void: Season 1
  • The Missing Thing
  • The Price Of Flesh
  • The Rusty Sword: Vanguard Island
  • Travel of Heros
  • Trimps
  • Tuk Tuk Extreme Simulator
  • Ukraine Defender
  • Vnesis
  • VR Health & Safety Trainings For Industry
  • Wind Of Life
  • WTF Do You Know?
  • 05-03

  • Bakery Simulator
  • Block KUZUSHI
  • Blow & Fly
  • Cactus Cowboy - Plants at War
  • Connected Hearts: Fortune Play
  • Disharmonia
  • Dread X Collection 5
  • EchoBlade
  • Grid Miner
  • Loot River
  • Oaken
  • River Rush
  • Triple Jump
  • Valera The Drunken Lobster
  • Voodoo Detective
  • 05-04

  • Bloodied Fear
  • Cat Powered UFO
  • Dark Quest: Board Game
  • Dinosaur Fossil Hunter
  • Guillotine The Necromorph
  • Jim's Adventure
  • JumpBeard
  • La Jetee
  • MeiQi:Story
  • Peep Invasion
  • Simple Boxing Drills VR
  • The Dragon Apprentice
  • Underliner
  • Virtual AI - Lily
  • Wildcat Gun Machine
  • 05-05

  • Best Month Ever!
  • Citizen Sleeper
  • Claris the Pricess Knight
  • Cyber Car
  • Dere-chat
  • Find And Kill The Evil King
  • Fracked
  • GunBoxing
  • Hundred Battles
  • Life of a Space Force Captain
  • Line War
  • Loskop
  • Maneater and the Golden Teacher
  • Paradox Factor
  • Real Feel
  • RiffTrax: The Game
  • rododendron
  • Runnyk
  • The Cleaner
  • The Inheritance of Crimson Manor
  • The medical examination diary: the exciting days of me and my senpai
  • The Moonlight Circus
  • The Orb of Darkness
  • Trek to Yomi
  • Unlock the Feelings
  • Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters
  • Wingspan: European Expansion
  • Yaengard
  • 05-06

  • Alchemist
  • Ampersat
  • Anna bunny
  • bluem
  • Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit
  • Deep Space Outpost
  • Elemental War 2
  • Everblade
  • Find The Cat
  • Fix Me Up - Hospital Edition
  • Forlorn
  • Give the People What They Want
  • Hoverbike Escape
  • Is Simon There?
  • Nous
  • Orbital Mechanics
  • Project Nautilus
  • Rhythmic Keyboard
  • Rise of Civilization
  • Run n Jump
  • ShadowBringer
  • Shoot Trip Die
  • Speed Creators
  • Spell Welders
  • The Adventures of Poppe
  • The Lost Mines
  • 05-07

  • Outpost Defender 2-Beta
  • Terra Puzzle 3D
  • Territory - animals genetic strategy
  • Zombie Slaughter VR
  • 05-08

  • Circadian

Xbox Series X

  • 05-03

  • Loot River
  • 05-04

  • PictoQuest
  • 05-05

  • Citizen Sleeper
  • Trek to Yomi
  • 05-06

  • Elemental War 2

Xbox One

  • 05-03

  • Loot River
  • 05-04

  • Evasion From Hell
  • PictoQuest
  • Wildcat Gun Machine
  • 05-05

  • Best Month Ever!
  • Citizen Sleeper
  • RiffTrax: The Game
  • Trek to Yomi
  • X-Force Genesis
  • 05-06

  • Elemental War 2

PlayStation 5

  • 05-05

  • Trek to Yomi

PlayStation 4

  • 05-04

  • Wildcat Gun Machine
  • 05-05

  • RiffTrax: The Game
  • Trek to Yomi


  • 05-04

  • Wildcat Gun Machine
  • 05-05

  • Citizen Sleeper
  • RiffTrax: The Game
  • 05-06

  • Football Drama


What is the game in the header?

1Dgaf wrote:

What is the game in the header?

Citizen Sleeper.

Tasty Pudding wrote:
1Dgaf wrote:

What is the game in the header?

Citizen Sleeper.


Picture is always the Game of the Week pick for that week

Thanks both. I think it's coming to gamepass so I might try it out.

Thanks for the preview! I've wishlisted Trek to Yomi and Citizen Sleeper on Steam. We'll see how they unfold as the player reviews show up. The same unique factor that makes Citizen Sleeper intriguing, also makes it a risky purchase, so I'll let that one sit in the wishlist for a while.