Name that GAME Thread

Mario_Alba wrote:

That is War from Darksiders, so I'll say... Genesis? Free play if right.

Nope. Here's a bigger hint:


Looks like Darksiders 3

ComfortZone wrote:

Looks like Darksiders 3

We have a winner! Your turn.

Not sure why this one popped into my head. Thinking about cool underrated games I guess:


Hm. That dude on the left looks like Robocop, but I don't remember any Robocop games coming out in the ~PS2 era.

No takers? It was a PS2 game, not Robocop. Made by the studio behind a much more famous franchise, that is still in the news today.

It looks like star wars universe, no? But I don't know any of the games in that category enough to take a guess.

Jedi Academy Awakens: Now This Is Pod Racing?

Not Star Wars, it’s a one-off setting as far as I know. Future city with a sinister underbelly…




I think I've finally remembered what this is - Project Eden?

I recognised it from the first image, but couldn't recall the name until now! I don't remember the strange girl though.... I guess I didn't get to that bit!

Freeplay if I'm right!

Correct! I mostly remember the puzzles based on the different abilities of the four characters, and the strange atmosphere. Made by Core by the way.

Yes, I really liked the puzzles. I think I had to stop playing because my PC couldn't handle it ...

I'll grab my own freeplay if that's ok:


Is this Citizen Sleeper? Just saw it on GamePass and I'm very curious about it.

it is Citizen Sleeper. I'm only about an hour in but it's definitely interesting.


That sure looks like some romatik Dorfs!

AUs_TBirD wrote:

That sure looks like some romatik Dorfs!

It sure is Dorfromantik!


No takers?

The title of the game is roughly synonymous with "tiny wizards". It was released 3 years ago for the NES, and various other systems via an emulator.

Micro Mages. With the hint, I think I remember seeing an LP of it somewhere. Free play if right.

It is free play!


Going out on a limb but is that Dwarf Fortress?

No limbs needed. It is indeed Dwarf Fortress - the original tileset, not that fancy-schmantzy stuff on Steam.

Ah, nice, I guessed just from the ASCII art style.


sh*t, I remember this...

Together we Stand?

We Were Here?

We Were Here Together... Though I think BP should do the honors.

I tried to play the free version of that game (We Were Here not We Were Here Together, I think), but my friend and I ran into a crash we couldn't fix. The part we played was pretty fun, though. I love games that have mechanics that are based on co-op play.

Anyhow, someone has probably tried this one out:


Just to confirm, that was in fact We Were Here Together. I really enjoyed it and a new game in this series comes out this week.