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Robear wrote:

Soulash is out. Looking forward to trying it!

Also works on Linux under latest Proton, so count me in too! \o/

It's always uplifting to see new Traditional roguelikes come to fruition.

It's brutally hard.

The 7 day roguelike challenge 2022 (7DRL) has happened and here is a 3 hour+ video from Nookrium perusing some of the completed entries.

7DRL 2022

Nice! I live seeing 7DRL experiments turn into full games like the DoomRL, etc.

Whole raft of changes in the latest Cogmind beta branch, headlined by redoing the storage slot system, which has ripples through pretty much everything. But there are a whole truckload of other updates that look fascinating.

I haven't played enough of this recently, so this looks like a great time to jump back in.

Insurmountable has received a long-awaited, giant upgrade that adds a rich, story-filled meta-game (involving that latest fashion, a time loop) as well as more mountain types and more quests and intermediate goals to add variety to the game. Time to revisit.

I played Insurmountable to the first summit over the weekend and quite enjoyed it. It seemed easy, and then I realized that was just the tutorial

It gets pretty brutal, but just like in real life, you can push yourself further than you imagined.

Speaking of which, Insurmountable is free on Epic this week.

Peglin is a new roguelike based on Peggle. Tons of variant balls, meaningful choices after each screen, character-building and an enemy bar where pegs produce damage to attack enemies who approach you each turn to attack with different abilities.

It's fun yo. And, hey, new Peggle!

Peglin looks neat! A bit chunkier/pixelier than Peggle, but the roguelite aspects are intriguing.

Robear wrote:

Peglin is a new roguelike based on Peggle. Tons of variant balls, meaningful choices after each screen, character-building and an enemy bar where pegs produce damage to attack enemies who approach you each turn to attack with different abilities.

It's fun yo. And, hey, new Peggle!

Roundguard is another decent roguelike x Peggle.

Peglin is an absolute *blast* if you liked Peggle. Huge variations in maps, special balls that can be upgraded, things to put in inventory to change your abilities, interesting events, even a freaking invisible map where hitting pegs reveals them. Love love love.

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Sold... :O

There's a Roguelike/lite sale on Steam for the next week. Some pretty good deals to be had - Rogue Legacy 2 for $20 is an absolute steal, though I suspect most of the folks in this thread already have it.

I can't tell the difference at all between the "roguelike" and "roguelite" tabs on that page. Filtering for "traditional roguelikes" will reveal some nice deals, though: $1.50 for Golden Krone Hotel is a easy recommend from me.

Yeah, I assume that must be pulling from user-submitted tags on games, which we all know is 100% factually accurate.

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Sold... :O

There. Is a demo on Steam. User reviews suggest there is not much content. I got thirty or so minutes out of the demo.

It's Early Access. Much more content and more game modes coming. Also a tremendous variety within what is there. But mostly PEGGLE Gahblargleargle!!!

Has anybody played Vagante?

Curse of the Dead Gods seems pretty fun. Free on PS+ this month. Dove in with a slightly long lunch hour today hehe. I had it on my wishlist already probably from someone here recommending it.

Map is very much Slay The Spire with choice paths. Combat isometric brawler like Hades. No story at all it seems. Opening scene, I'm exploring a cave and we're trapped, that's it.

But it's pretty fun. Interesting light/dark mechanic and if you can use your torch or not. Balance between gold and corruption for upgrades vs curses during a run. There's a ton of unlocks between runs, almost overwhelming. Not sure what to get next. First I grabbed the start run with 1000 gold and that seems very useful to not put yourself in a corruption/curse hole early.

I'll keep playing with it.

I played some curse of the dead gods. It's ok BUT....Hades does every single thing this game does and does it much better. I feel bad for anyone making a "Hades-like".

That was pretty much my impression. It's a good game, but you could be playing better similar games. It didn't really click with me because of that.

Having fun with Ember Knights. If anyone picks it up and wants to try some co-op hit me up on Steam.

Has anyone tried Monolith? I have only played it for a couple of hours but I've really enjoyed and I see there's a DLC now.

Is this the right thread for roguelite deckbuilders? Couldn't find a separate thread, sooooo......

Vault of the Void is an Early Access roguelite deckbuilder. I've done the intro and one full run, and I'm all in for more of it. Have only tried one (of 4) characters, but that one was interesting enough.

Currently $12, and gets two Jon thumbs up.

I’ve heard good things about Void. Not on sale anymore. On my wishlist.


Shotgun King is very silly and I think I love it a lot.

It's chess with a shotgun, need I say more?

I pre-emptively bought it for a rainy day because my son laughed hysterically when he saw the name.

It is now raining.

I think it was mentioned earlier, but I need to shout out Vivid Knight.

I bought it on Switch months ago and struggled to get into it because the controls were a little clumsy. After some effort, I'm learning how to play and it's pretty incredible. It's essentially a roguelite auto chess game with a heavy emphasis on creating "sets" to stack up passives. The main feature is that you keep your sets after upgrading a piece, so you can sell them and shift into different playstyles depending on what you find.

That's a very clumsy explanation, but I hope it's enough to raise some eyebrows. It's such an underrated game! I'm about 8 hours in and into the 5th dungeon which is proving quite difficult. The difficulty curve seems just about perfect though, as I'm starting to see where the holes in my game knowledge are.

While very nice on Switch once you learn the controls, I think it would be a hell of a lot easier on PC or Mobile as you often need to access tooltips that take multiple button presses with a controller.