Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Looking like a little bit of inspiration from the opening of Wanted!

Love the movie, never read the comic book!


Definitely in a "sci-fi" map mood ever since the spelljammer reveal!


(this second one is for a layout spread for a Death In Space adventure i'm trying to put together)

Spelljammer reveal!?!?!

edit: Boo! I was hoping for a vidya game

I believe there might be a dragonlance game coming though, to go along with the boardgame and sourcebook, if that's yer thing.

But yeah a spelljammer CRPG would be pretty neat.

Dragonlance would be great. In fact I prefer it with all the weapons, classes, and race changes.
I love Dark Sun even more so for the further changes they make to weapons, classes and races. (if they get psionicists to work right that would be really cool, though they could act a lot like sorcerers)
And oh man, if they reboot the Buck Rodgers CRPGs, yahoo!

WotC is leaving an awful lot of money on the table

Those maps would also be great for an Alien-inspired game of Dread!

Let's end the week with a bang! Here's Page 3:


Thumbnail for Page 4:


Lots of cool artwork from Mario. I'm also a fan of Pyxistyx's mapwork.

I figure since I haven't posted in... (checks timestamp of last post—one and a half months?!) ...a while, it's about time I prove I'm not dead and throw something up. Here's a thing I did while I should have been working on something else:


Good to see you're not dead, Ravanon. And nice piece! As usual, you steal the show!

Mario_Alba wrote:

Good to see you're not dead, Ravanon. And nice piece! As usual, you steal the show!

Agreed, that is gorgeous work. Love the eyes!

"Pencils" for Page 4:


Page 4 is finished!


(Except for coloring and lettering, of course, so nowhere near finished!)

Looking forward to your animal-character Tron remake!

Look no further!

The Foxhunt continues on Page 5! Here's the thumbnail:


Here's Page 5, finished for the second time!

Wait! What? More after the image:


So, funny story but not really. I drew the whole page on my tablet yesterday, and I only had the background of the central panel left to do. "I'll finish it tomorrow," I said to myself, so I put the table away and moved on to whatever I needed to do next.

Today I got home from school ready to finish the background and upload the page, and it had somehow vanished from my tablet. All of it. There were no older versions. Nothing. It's like the page had never even existed. Instead, page 2 was open, as if that was the last thing I had worked on before stopping for the day. I tried a couple of different things, but to no avail: the page was lost forever.

So I got mad, both at the tablet and at myself. "Why did you do it, stupid tablet?" And, "why didn't I finish the background yesterday?" And "Why didn't I email the file to myself just in case it completely evaporated like I should have predicted it might do?" Then I had to decide what to do. I mean, the page had to be redrawn, so should I redo it on the tablet like an idiot to preserve the exact same aspect as the previous four pages, or should I do it on paper so that it can't magically disappear in a pixelated cloud but have it look slightly different than the previous four? I don't know what the right answer was, but I decided to play it safe and draw it on paper, so if it looks a little different, that's why.

All that drama aside, I had a lot of fun drawing this page (both times), and I can't wait to continue. The story was going to be 7 pages originally, but I'm having too much fun with i and now it's going to be 10, so we are halfway there. I hope you like it!

"Thumbnail" for Page 6:


Since I had been going over the page layout in my head for several days, I just went straight to the page for this "thumbnail," so it is actually 9 x 12. So much for being a thumbnail!

Oof. It's no fun losing progress on a drawing. It's been a while since I lost anything, but it still stings. On that note, I probably need to update my Procreate backups...

On a personal note, I've finally gotten around to starting to put some of my stuff up on ArtStation, so I have a better place to direct people interested in my art than the Blogger blog that I periodically dump my drawings in (I basically just use it for image hosting for posting in this forum). It'll take a while to populate my portfolio there though. To start things off, a new drawing:


This is actually the cropped version, the full version being a bit too big to show off properly within the confines of the forum layout—you can see the full version here if you like.

Very cool! The full version looks awesome!

I finished Page 6 yesterday evening but didn't get a chance to post it, so here it is:


Get um Pelican! BLAM BLAM BLAM!

Haha. I need to add some BLAMs to that panel!

I started Page 7 thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do:


But I wasn't happy with the layout, so I decided to work out the details some more and resorted to drawing the thumbnail I should have done to begin with:


I liked that one better, so I got the pencils (more or less) done:


Let's see if I can finish it this weekend!

I finished it yesterday, but didn't get a chance to post it:


Only three pages left!

Get yourself together pelican! You had them in your sights!
So disappointed

If the pelican had just concentrated on getting a shot in with one gun, it would have been fine, but noooo, he had to be cool and do the dual-wielding thing...

Meanwhile, another entry in the "I like drawing elves with long hair and almost as long ears" series:


That must be the problem.
Pelicans have eyes on the sides of their head and they were trying to aim with guns in both hands. No wonder they missed