GWJ Remembrance

Let's celebrate the good times we remember with those we've lost.

Dr. Awkward comes to mind. He was a mainstay at Rocket League Bottle Rockets for a long time, and a presence I miss. His humor kept an often competitive game light and deeply fun, and his voice featured in many Rocket League compilation videos we used to share in the thread. I have a handful of clips still saved because his voice is there calling out, "I will bicycle kick all day!" He was a world-class, kind soul. I no longer remember how long it has been, but I still remember the last time I got to play with him.

Bighoppa was my giftee for Secret Stan a few years back, and I got to know him as I stalked the forums for ideas of what to send. I had so much fun planning and packing his gift. I will never forget the unboxing video he posted, or his daughter's screams at the many mini-murderbutts. She called them lobsters

The 2013 reboot of Syndicate was a great game on its own but it’s all the more special to me because I played it a ton with my pal ian underhill. Still think about him often. Rest In Peace, friend.

I remember the many times that I played sniper vs sniper (along with good natured smack talk in Teamspeak or Vent) with LobsterMobster in BF2 and the fun times we had sniping others, when we happened to get set up on the same team.

Ian Underhill... I only met him once but we got along very well. He was nervous about his health and we joked a bit and tried to reassure him, but also to get him to go see a doc. I was very sad when he was diagnosed. At least he reconciled with his family after that. He was good people.