Trivia Know-It-All

It seems appropriate to start a thread dedicated to trivia in various forms, whether that means trivia games, podcasts, or just trivia itself.

During the pandemic I got really to Learned League, and I was surprised to see no mention of it in the GWJ forum archives. Learned League is...a lot of things, but best to start here: I'm curious if others are playing? If you're interested, I should have a couple of referrals for new players in the upcoming season, provided they have read and agree to the code of conduct. Let me know.

I've also enjoyed the Good Job Brain podcast, which can be a little uneven but is fun and entertaining most of the time.

What's your favorite trivia stuff?

I love a multiple-choice test. It makes everything more exciting! It's just trivia on paper.


I'm the most boring person I know

I love trivia but more as a casually fun thing I'd do by going to a pub quiz, listening to a trivia podcast, or watching Jeopardy!

Learned League is amazing but maybe a little too hardcore for me. It feels intimidating to become a member. I do enjoy Sporcle sometimes. And my favorite trivia podcast is Triviality. I absolutely recommend it.

Hey, thanks for starting a thread about trivia, something that's been a pretty big part of my life for a while now!

I know a fair number of people who are really into Learned League, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in giving it a shot. The questions that friends of mine get in it are all over the place in both difficulty and scope, with anything from opera to biology to board games.

GJB is a fun podcast and is one of the regulars on my feed. Others include:
-NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
-Trivia Time
-The Triviality Podcast
-Quiz Quiz Bang Bang
-Miss Information Podcast, not trivia, but deep-dives on all kinds of different topics. The enthusiasm they have for everything they learn is really fun to listen to.

I've also been writing and hosting my own monthly trivia events since early 2013, which has been a lot of fun and much more rewarding than I expected.

Looking forward to seeing how others get their trivia fix!

I just missed out on promotion to A rundle last season; I'm usually a low B-high C level talent