The 'Hottest' Hot-Sauce Trading Thread!

Yeah, any egg type thing is perfect for Aardvark. I love just doing hard boiled eggs with salt, pepper, and Aardvark.

I just discovered a new use for Aardvark that never occurred to me: SALADS! I've been getting these Taylor Farms chopped salads at the grocery store for awhile. I love them. I threw some Aardvark on the Southwestern style one and it turns it from good to excellent.

When I got home last night, Jabberwocky and Dadzor had already broken into the goodie box Damnable Bear sent over:

Once I was able to free the bottles from their clutches, I found a bottle of hot sauce and barbecue sauce:

Tried the BBQ sauce on some hamburgers last night, and while it's definitely different than the Kansas City style I'm used to, I still found it to be quite good. We're hopefully getting a new grill in the near future, so I will have more opportunities to try it soon!

I'll have to cook some eggs (or maybe stir fry?) to try the hot sauce with. Looking forward to it! Thanks again Damnable Bear! You should be getting your package soon.

You're so welcome! I'm excited for mine to get in tonight. The hot sauce is definitely not a 'typical' hot sauce, more of an Asian-inspired taste, I think. But, stir fry should be perfect for it, after having tried some. Both are more local places up here - Brooks is actually out of the town I went to college in, and their restaurant's food is fantastic. Glad you enjoyed it! Looks like the first successful trade of the thread

EDIT: By the way, try that BBQ on Pork / Ribs or Chicken!

I got some more sauce! Who wants to get sauced?!

I'll be out of town for the next week or a little more, but let me know if you wanna trade!

You guys ever watch the HotWing interviews on Youtube?

NSFW Language:

I break out into a sweat just watching these guys eat that stuff. I cannot do hot things since I got ulcers.

Additionally, Hot Pepper Gaming is some good times. Check that out on YouTube. Still got a bottle of Habanero Heaven here waiting for someone! I can probably also find something else to bundle with it. Who wants in?!

One of the analysts at work revealed that he grows Carolina Reapers at home... I now have six of them sitting in my freezer. I'm terrified and excited to pull the trigger on one of these and then work out what to do with the rest

Ooh, that sounds amazing. I'm a little jealous!

I discovered that there's a pretty major difference between yellow habaneros and red ones. I buy a bunch at a time and freeze them, so when I last supplemented my supply, I ended up with peppers from two distinct batches. The yellow ones were hot; the red ones are HOT hot. They're probably about four times stronger. Plus, they're bigger, so one of those red habaneros will make a whole pot of stew damn hot. Yum!

For the amount of kick those things have, they are remarkably cheap. And they keep freaking forever in the freezer; they get kinda limp, but they turn to mush when you cook them anyway, so who cares? The flavor doesn't seem to change any.

Hmm. I've only ever seen orange habaneros. Maybe a different variety?

Good tip on the freezing though. Stores around here stock them pretty inconsistently, so it would make sense to stockpile a bit so that we definitely have some when we need them. Do you just pop them in a bag and freeze them whole?

chixor! I found a good use for the Hot Chili Sambal I sent you!

Take a cup or cup and a half of arugula, the same of chick peas / garbanzo beans, a tablespoon or two of balsamic, a little olive oil, and maybe a teaspoon of that sauce, and eat it as a salad. Delicious! Probably more you could put on top. Just enough heat to go with the flavor.

Ooh, that sounds delightful. I've been trying to go meat-free for breakfast and lunch lately - that sounds like a tasty option and I will definitely give it a go!

If you find that anything else works really well in there, let me know. It's a new quick favorite. Lunch today consisted of that, a yogurt, and some cherries.

I tried a new hot sauce yesterday. It wasn't very interesting, something was missing. The heat was there, some decent flavor, but it didn't pop, didn't excite me. Functional, certainly, but not inspiring. I now realize why I reacted this way to a fully functional and decent hot sauce: It's not Aardvark.

Like real addiction, Aardvark worms its way into your brain over time, entrenching itself for all time and laughing at other feeble attempts to placate my taste buds. Forever I will carry the scare of Aardvark, unable to satiate myself on less transformative products.

Thanks, Goodjers, thanks.

That reminds me, it's near time to order more. Fuegobox has been a very good subscription thus far - the first box was a good one. Lucky Dog makes some great sauce too.

Late notice, but Secret Aardvark have been running a memorial sale for their founder this month, 25-35% off 6/8/12 packs.

My wife gave me a bottle of Habanero Man's Mellow Habanero Heaven for my birthday. So good. Great flavor that has added a nice bite but hasn't overwhelmed anything I've tried it on so far.

Revive thread of heat & sweat! I love me my hot sauce and have lost my wings from flying to close to the sun several times. I hope folks still love the hot in their food.

We got hooked on HotOnes prepandemic and during 2020 we had regular hot ones zoom calls with rounds of sauces. One of which was the DaBomb and can vouch, it sucks, must be tried at least once. If you ever do try it do everything in your power to push through the 15 minutes of burn or else you'll make it so much worse

Anyone down for more hot sauce love?

Also, I learned a long time ago seeking the hottest sauce is a game where no one wins. I ate some wings that the server warned me but I was on the hunt for hot. I tried a bite and it was essentially just pepperspray. I tried to soldier through but after a wing or two I was miserable.

a year or two later, we go there again with some friends and I see my buddy trying the same thing. I attempt to warn him, give him every example why he shouldn't but I saw he had the same hubris I did. So he takes a first bite....same thing lol. A few other folks tried a small bite but same problem.

This video is worth a watch. The guy takes his role in trying spicy things and not looking like a weenie(which he does by insisting he eats hot stuff like crazy even as he explains his hospital trip & week of pain). Well worth a watch.

Hobear wrote:

This video is worth a watch.


"THAT'S the hottest hot sauce on the internet? Wow, I guess I really do have a huge tolerance for heat!"
<puts some more on>
"OMG that's way too spicy, I'm going to throw that away and go to the ER."

I feel bad for the guy, but

My favorites right now are one from a bar in Siesta Key called Daquiri Deck, Chef John’s Ghost Chili Hot Sauce, fun find there. Hot enough for good eating and good flavor. Nothing crazy. Otherwise Torchbearer has a Zombie sauce that is amazing!

If you like heat and feeding children around the world Feed My Starving Children gets folks in Haiti to make hot sauces they sell which are worth 7 or 10 meals for kids in rough areas around the world. All are super good.

I will NEVER waste my money on Da Bomb. You may send me a sample though.

Yeah, we still have a lot of it. Was a gift from my wife for Christmas one year with a bunch of other sauces. We really really didn't know what we were getting into there.

I had one friend I showed, had to answer a question from my kid, I turn back and he has the face of HOLY sh*t THAT'S HOT!!!!!!!! on his face. He had dabbed his finger then licked it. Bad bad idea.

My other friend after they did their Hot Ones night it fell out of their fridge and it broke the cap and shot everywhere in their kitchen. It pepper bombed the kitchen. They were all trying to clean it while burning their eyes, noes, & mouth. The next day my friend also put in his contacts and wasn't fully off his fingers, poor guy.

So yeah, now I have a small jar that will probably last forever until I make a lot of Chili that needs a spice kick.

garion333 wrote:

I will NEVER waste my money on Da Bomb. You may send me a sample though. ;)

If you want a good Hot Ones with DaBomb, watch Pete Davidson on there. You're in for a treat.

Hobear wrote:
garion333 wrote:

I will NEVER waste my money on Da Bomb. You may send me a sample though. ;)

If you want a good Hot Ones with DaBomb, watch Pete Davidson on there. You're in for a treat.

Oh, I watch them ALL. Love that show. Sean Evans is a national treasure.

I have a new favorite! Tango Chili Sauce:


Great flavor. Not too spicy.