Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

The video is not playing for me. What's the name of the channel?

Also, here's the glorious thumbnail for Page 1 (of 6 or 7) of "The Cartographer," the next story in the anthology:


Brad Colbow:
I linked to the youtube videos page then tagged it as a video which it is not

Thank you, fang!

TBH, so much of it is subjective or personal preference. And I personally haven't found the magic formula yet.

There is always something off that causes frustration enough to give up. That is my real productivity enemy: "the grass is always greener" or "oh it would be so much better if it did this or that".

It is why I am so much better in a structured environment.

Well, I ended up watching like five or six or Mr. Colbow's videos --great recommendation, fang! After watching all those, it looks like you were right from the beginning: for the money I'm looking to spend, the S6 Lite seems like the way to go. The iPad 9th gen also looks good (and I already said I have a MacBook Air), but when I factor in the extra $130 for the pen, I don't know that it is worth it. So I guess I'll end up getting the S6 Lite, but we'll see. Also, I have Clip Studio on my Mac, and I wonder if the license would transfer and I could use it on the tablet. I'll have to look that up. In any case, I'll keep you posted!

If not, the cost of Clip Studio on android is $25 I believe.
I found the drawing experience on the 8th gen ipad to be better than the s6 lite but both were really good. But I liked the bezels on the s6 lite better as you can see the ipad's are huge. It was a hair split in holding comfort in the s6 lite's favor.

But seriously, if you can catch the s6 lite on sale, its more like a $200 difference with the cost of the pen. I can definitely say that is not worth it.

$25 is a great price! And yeah, if the difference ends up being about $200, then the iPad is definitely not worth it.


Its open box if you care about that but it is an s6 lite plus cover for $219. (it states that it includes the pen too which isn't common with open box tablets)

Nice! Thanks!

doing some spot illustrations for an adventure i'm trying to finish and i decided to go a more sketchy route than normal and i'm liking it a lot!



Also did some character art for Beeporama's D&D character


I regret that I have but only one like to give

The sketchy nature really pulls if off the page.

Finally had some time to sit down and draw Page 1 today!


Hopefully, I'll be able to ink it tomorrow, but we'll see...

Page 1 inked and ready to be colored!


I might draw them all before I come back to it to color it, though.

And while the ink was drying on that page, I drew the thumbnail for page 2:


Who's there?

You'll find out very soon!

Also, Page 2 is ready to be inked! What a glorious Monday this has been!*


*Once I got home after work, that is.

new potential Vampire PC for an unpcoming Midgar campaign...

Terrifying, pyxistyx!

Less so is my finished Page 2:


It just struck me I need to add whiskers to everyone!

Lame thumbnail for page 3:


I need to focus on the Valentine's Day drawing for my wife now, so I doubt I'll get to this page until next week. I'm happy with my progress so far, though!

Well, I did have a few minutes to sit and draw Page 3 today:


Is that America's ass?

It appears that I forgot (?!) to post for a month. Whoops.

Some really nice work by pyxistyx and Mario, as usual. For my part, I've been trying to experiment a bit more with my style, with mixed results. Here's a couple of recent head-and-shoulder pieces I did a couple of weeks or so ago.



I've done a couple of other pieces, but in the interest of not clogging up the thread, I'll hold off a bit. (This is why we don't neglect to post updates regularly, me.)

Those look great, Ravanon!

Also, good to see you back!

As for myself, I inked a couple of panels yesterday, and I'm hoping I can do at least one of the two I have left today. Fingers crossed!

Well, it took me a little longer than anticipated, but here's Page 3:


Only three left to go!

The plot thickens!

I've been drawing practically at random all week (and thus getting very little else done...). To start with, I drew this fairly straightforward piece on Monday, messing around with texture brushes for the colouring layers.


Cool! I really like her clothes, and the background looks awesome too.

Certainly less awesome is the thumbnail for page 4 of "The Cartographer":


Another recent drawing:


That has to be one of my favorite pieces by you so far. I really like how dynamic the figure is!

Here's Page 4, ready to be inked:


I was so productive this afternoon!