LOGistICAL - Sublime Logistical Strategy Puzzling

Welcome, Khrest! lol I think you'll like the group, and as you progress and hit certain marks, you can post in the bragging thread and your name will get a new color so everyone can see how experienced you are.

I dipped back into this a few days ago, and I remembered that I'm at a point where I'm not sure where I can expand to next. Basically all my roadworks contracts are for towns that I either can't get to, or am missing resources for. I think I've explored all the red circles I can reach, but I'll have to re-check. It's hard because I've got footholds in a bunch of areas, so it feels like playing needle in a haystack to try and find the next direction to go. I've basically got too many options, and the UI certainly doesn't make it easy to sort things out.

I just found this flowchart of countries, so that might help narrow down my focus a bit.

So where are you these days? NZ, Oz, SK, Japan, Germany?

Or are you also in, say, Russia and NK?

Also, asking in the Discord (use spoiler tags there for specific content in questions) is always helpful. They have folks who have finished the game…

Robear wrote:

They have folks who have finished the game… :-)

What? No. Come on.

Robear wrote:

So where are you these days? NZ, Oz, SK, Japan, Germany?

Or are you also in, say, Russia and NK?

Oh, I'm well past there. At this point, I've got access to most of Europe up through Italy, but not into France/Spain, through Russia, a good chunk of the Balkans, a little bit in SE Asia, a bit in Africa, and western USA out to the Rockies. I's opened up the port of Vancouver, so I floated a 20t truck in there and have been shipping things in to start opening up western Canada.

It seems like I should be able to get through to the eastern US, but I haven't figured out how. I haven't found a way to ship stuff into the US, and don't know if I should be able to go all the way east, or if I should be looking for a port in the east and meet in the middle. Feels like I need to build some factories in the US, but if my understanding's right, I'd need to get those goods in and start filling businesses and towns with them before I can build. But those rules have always been a little fuzzy to me.

Maybe Scandinavia? Africa? Some good stuff in Africa... How about Western Australia?

Have you grabbed yourself an airplane? I hear there are good ones in Europe...

Veloxi, Alpo did it on Zen, and Silden on regular. Verified with Sacada. Both finished in February I think.

So I decided to dive back into Logistical again. Rather than finishing up my British Isles, I picked up Logistical 3: Kansas, and Logistical 3: Earth. Working on Kansas now, and learning the new systems, etc.

Quick question. I have unlocked the entire map - except one road to be built that is up in Doniphan County somewhere but will simply not show up. I am also missing one industry - leather. May be at the end of that same missing road, or may not. Can anyone tell me where I can find leather on this map? I'm going absolutely out of my mind trying to find it, but nothing works. Thanks in advance.

Teneman, join the Discord, you can search for the answer there. Possible spoiler below (but not a serious one, just a reminder of a mechanic).


Use Shift-m to find the city, then you might have to upgrade the road to it to allow your trucks in. After you do the upgrade, exit and reload the module so that it picks up the change. Sometimes that solves problems.

BTW, Logistical Earth is just fantastic, and less grindy for the most part than Kansas, so I think you'll like it. That is, the mechanics change with some countries, and it's big enough that the exploration phase lasts a loooong time. I'd encourage you to dive in.

If anyone else needs a Discord invite, you can find one in Steam Discussions page for Logistical, or post here and I'll make one for you, you lazy git.

Dang, you're not kidding that Kansas is grindy. I've got all industries leveled to 3 now, and just started really working on clearing out the towns/businesses, and not only are there a ton, but some of them have ridiculous requirements. Going to knock out Wichita if I can, then switch over to Earth. I did mess around a bit with the first island, just long enough to open up Auckland as well. Going to have to wrap my head around having such a large map, and figuring out how best to navigate around from land mass to land mass and keeping track of what is where.

NZ is the first "real" nation, then you have, urm, 3 to work with, then it kind of opens up from there. You can't just go anywhere anytime until much, much later in the game.

And you will usually never do "finish one nation, hop to the next" like in the training island. At least, again, until the very late game.

Well, I finally got into India... at just over 998 hours in-game time. So close to the 1000 hour mark!

India is kind of the second big rite of passage in the game. Started on Sunday and finished late afternoon today, playing work hours and evenings. It was fun! And of course that was after figuring out how to get there in the first place...


I'm soon to be at 9000 towns and 16000 businesses complete. Number 78 on the worldwide boards.

10,000 towns complete! In the 200's on the boards. I've slacked the last year or so.

Wonderful. Which one are you playing again?

Earth. And a few others, off and on.

I started playing Earth again to procrastinate thinking about work. Started fresh and slowly working through upgrading industries in New Zealand.
I seem to be missing some key materials though and can't for the life of me remember if there were non obvious ways to unlock them. Disclaimer: I almost never read the actual mission list, so I know that is probably my fault.

You really need to look at the missions available, they have hints as to where you can go next. You can also read up-thread.

Missions can be found by opening up the road network - fixing roads and exploring with empty vehicles. Sometimes, a mission has you completing a city in order to open up a number of routes that can then be repaired to gain access to another section of the map. Since there are many elements of the game that puzzles (generally associated with countries but not always), it pays to check all the missions.

If you need info on mechanics, just ask, and I can hide responses if they have spoilers. You can also join the Discord, very friendly people there. You are on the sidewalk outside the skyscraper of the game, so keep plugging away.

Thanks, Robear! So far I've managed to figure out ways forward. I just planted my first few industries to bypass the north/south quarantine. Worms, wood, steel. Slowly but surely invading southern New Zealand so that I can bring wheat and apples back to the north.
Not looking for spoilers yet, but I remember chemicals, dynamite, crates, and machines being available to me last time... this time I somehow haven't stumbled over or unlocked those yet. It's been a few years though and I might be remembering one of the previous Logistical games.

Keep exploring. It can be easy to miss the little red circles. Is it CTRL-M that cycles the maps so you can see them more clearly? I forget. Don't forget to check out ships when you get the opportunity. You will go many other places before you even have the chance to finish NZ.

O man.. this thread popped up and LOGistICAL sinks it claws deep, very deep again. This game is too addictive

A few months ago, I finished opening up basically everywhere on the Earth map. I still have a bunch of contracts that will open more regional interconnect, but it basically started to look like it was going to be grinding for the sake of grinding, so I put it down.

I keep thinking I should go back and either restart or go try the scenario based ones. I like the exploring and unlocking to get to a goal that's a new region or something, but just trying to clear the map doesn't really hold my attention. Especially at the scale of the Earth map.

That's a good way to play, Chaz. How many towns did you clear?

After a month of chipping away at this between trainings and meetings I'm slowly branching out. Unlocked South and North Korea, dipping toes into Russia and Japan. Still hunting for some of the resources to connect the shipping networks. I keep stranding my floaties scout in locked ports. I'm told that's a glitch. 230 cities complete.

Nice! I hear Russia is the future. But what of Germany? The world wonders...