GWJ Strategy Club Game 7: Qvadriga

The guide argues that the specialists are just a money sink, and that you consider carefully the costs of moving versus the benefits. That includes the fact that prize money gets lower as total victories for all factions in a town go up. In other words... It's complicated, but you probably won't save money lugging them around. Then again, you might save valuable assets...

Ah so maybe the one that helps you the most for your faction, ie like the mechanic for the purpura faction. Thanks. Still loving the game, although I could see it getting a little repetitive after a while, however for now whenever I seem to get to that point I loose two or three races in a row to bad luck, like the guy in front of you crashing in the fourth lane stunning you to setup the guy next to you killing a horse and crashing your chariot and then having the driver die because there isn't a free space to run to safety. Not saying that's happened to me or anything.

Yeah, me too. I do find the different arenas provide different challenges, along with the start variations. The object of the races is really to enable you to get enough money to move around strategically to get to Rome and compete for the title. Or die trying. Usually.

I'm grinding out the last bits of global fame in the Circus Maxentius. It's taking a while so I may go off and try and farm up some better chariots, because mine are all 1/1s after some unlucky crashes.

I did shell out the specialist bucks for the veterinarian upgrade; I'm tired of starting races with horses at 2/3 health or sometimes less, so I hope this helps.

Congrats! Glad it went well for you!

So is racing in the circus Maximus night and day from normal racing? I’ve finished touring a couple regions and am not sure if I want to keep going. Game’s been great I’m just ready to move on.

As I recall it's mostly just tougher competition.

Finally beat the campaign - 185 points. I don't think the upgrades helped much, but at that point I was flush with money. Farming upgrades was also a bust- the two cities with upgraded chariots are both Tier II, so the "+1 improvement" took them from from "garbage" to "mostly garbage". And I was the red faction which doesn't get the best chariots anyway. So I finished with mostly 2/2 aurigae, 2/1 and 1/2 horses, and 1/1 and 2/0 chariots.

The biggest tactical point I found is to be good at identifying when you can cut someone off who's likely to whip, and when the same could happen to you. That leaves the loser behind, slower, and decelerated, which is usually fatal.

There's nothing special about the Circus Maximus except that it's long, which I found actually makes things a little easier. You get more long straight moves to accelerate and battle the other chariots and fewer of the annoying moves that are 10% in a curve so you have to deal with that long before it "should" be necessary.

I should pull out the copy of "Circus Minimus" I got ages ago and haven't really played. I think that would have been a better underlying rule set.