November 16 prime resurgence starts. i will have to log back in for this. Maybe I can finally get some of those primes I wanted.

Maclintok wrote:

AFAIK, it's coming out with the New War expansion which was still due out for this year.

Reinstalling on PS4 this weekend to get my sea legs back (well at least a small fraction of them as it's been a few years). Definitely want to move my console account over to PC!

I'm hoping they give us a way to merge accounts... I have a lot more done on my PS4/5 account, but I've had my PC account since game was in beta. At the very least, I'd like my Mesa Prime.

Merging of accounts is coming. They have it working in dev.

There’s also a giant event coming Tuesday to allow everyone a chance to earn old primes - gear and frames - before the next major content release.


so, forma changes are live, now your mastery rank counts as your warframe level if it's greater then the current. if you are mr 10 or higher you get to keep using all of your abilities. this doesn't apply to many, but if you are mr 30+ you can even play modes that require a lvl 30 frame and you'll always be at max abilities.

New war drops on the 15th, anyone want to prep together?

I can't wait for Digital Extremes to figure out how to merge accounts across all of the platforms. I really want to play with other folks around here again but my PlayStation account is light-years ahead of my PC account and I find it difficult to want to play with that account at the moment. :grumble:

Finally loaded up on Switch again. Looks like it's been about 2 years. I was grabbing some Prime Gaming rewards in the off time, but it looks like I only got the ones for the past 2 months. Still a free Loki frame (already had max), so a free frame slot. 3 free weapons, one I already had max, so a free slot. Not bad to have. But looks like a ton has been added. Going to take a bit to get the rust off, if I can.

Mostly just wanted to get my account intact and grab my free stuff if there does happen to be a joint account system soon so I could play on PC. Maybe I'll try on Switch again, but looks like almost everyone bailed on the Switch clan at the end of 2019 too, so probably playing by myself over there.

There will be a joint account system? That would be wonderfull!! I spent way too much money on my Xbox version of the game, and have recently started out again from scratch on PC.

I'm guessing there hasn't been any New War talk because only a couple of us have played it so far? I was fortunate enough to win the necramech parts I needed in a bet so I didn't need to do any prep work.

Cross play/cross save is still just "this year", hopefully sooner rather than later.

I have finished new war, i really enjoyed it and i do not want to spoil anything.

Cross-platform is live. Account merging and cross-save is still in the works.

Doing my yearly (?) Warframe refresh. Every time I play this I end up cracking relics over and over to get primes and burning out, I need to remember to do other stuff. I also successfully played a round with my friend on switch!

i can help you out mate, i'm usually on in the late EST evenings and it's my chill game so i'm usually around.