GWJ Conference Call 785

Inscryption (PC), Disciples: Liberation (PC), The Last Guardian (PS5), Morality-questioning games, and more!

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Amanda, Glendon and Rich are joined by guest Daryl Lathon to talk about games that challenge our morality and humanity.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:03:16 Inscryption
00:19:33 Disciples: Liberation
00:34:36 The Last Guardian
00:42:40 Games That Made Us Question Our Morality or Humanity

Amoebic, does Among Us make you question your morality because you're so good at lying in the game?

One odd thing that happened to me recently is that I picked up Suzerain and a couple of days after I started playing it the whole fallout in Afghanistan happened. I don't know if it necessarily made me question my morals, but all of the sudden this game about political crises in a middle-eastern-ish country just stopped being fun and I completely lost interest in it even though I like it so far. I guess it got a bit too real for that particular moment and it just didn't feel like the escape videogames typically provide.

Pink Stripes wrote:

Amoebic, does Among Us make you question your morality because you're so good at lying in the game?


Totally relating to Daryl's PS5 not-jealousy

EDIT: And of course the first "humanity-questioning" game that comes to mind for me is Iron Helmet's Neptune's Pride -- back around 2015, I played a game over a number of months with coworkers and a number of a coworker's friends, none of which friends us other coworkers had met. We had about 9 players, total.

The mechanics are quite simple: capturing stars to get resources to build ships. Eventually you run out of neutral, unclaimed stars to capture and will brush up against other players. Most of the game actually happens in all the diplomacy around the game: you have to form alliances to survive and there's a lot of wheeling and dealing going on.

Our in-game chat log was a damning testimony of everyone's slow descent into madness over a number of months: at first players started out in character, RPing their space captains and cracking jokes about their space empires. Then came the trash-talking, proclamations of war, double dealing, betrayal, begging, shifting alliances and wheedling. Us coworkers had formed a defensive alliance to head off another aggressive alliance that started out attacking people, and the counterattack was going strong until one of the allies switched sides. It all deteriorated from there. Eventually everyone was in extended negotiations to just abandon the game, unfinished, because of the toll it was taking on our sanity.

I still hold out hopes of selling the chat log to HBO to make into a prestige miniseries.

i'd kinda passed over Inscryption because my eyes tend to glaze over whenever "card based roguelike" is mentioned anywhere BUT you have all convinced me to actually check a look at it properly. Especially if it has Escape room elements.

Loved Daryl in the show! Keep inviting him back!