PC Gaming on a Nintendo Switch (Xmas present idea)

For decades I have been a PC gamer (builder & competitive overclocker). If I am at home and want to play a videogame I will sit at the PC.

But when I am away from home what to do?

I bought a Nintendo Switch, Hori Switch Split Pad Pro, and a 1TB SD Card.

You have to be OK with 30FPS but the amount of "PC Games" on the Nintendo Switch that run really well is impressive. Take a look at the videos that Digital Foundry have done!

The skill to get these to work this well on a Switch really speaks to my PC overclocker mindset; and would be a good Christmas present for the PC gamer that you don't know what to buy for.

Here is what is on my Switch to scratch that PC gaming itch:

-Alien Isolation
-Assassin's Creed Black Flag & Rogue
-BioShock 1, 2, and Infinite
-Borderlands 1, 2, and Pre-Sequel
-Burnout Paradise
-Crysis 1, 2, and 3
-Diablo 3
-Divinity Original Sin 2
-Doom 2016 & Eternal
-Dying Light
-Grid Autosport
-Immortals Fenyx Rising
-Metro 2033 & Last Light
-Pillars of Eternity
-Sniper Elite 3
-The Witcher 3
-Titan Quest
-Victor Vran
-Wolfenstein 2

Why not just buy a Steam Deck? That would meet your needs much better than a Switch.

Djinn wrote:

Why not just buy a Steam Deck? That would meet your needs much more than a Switch.

Well because the Steam Deck is not released. I have high hopes for the Steam Deck, but I am also cautious with it’s potential beyond small games.

I was just as cautious with PC gaming on the Switch until I saw the above videos and gave it a try.

Ecarus wrote:

-Diablo 3

As somebody who has spent a fair amount of time popping back and forth between the console and PC versions of D3, including a fair amount of time playing the PC version with a Steam Controller, I feel like I have to issue a bit of warning on this one. The two versions are definitely the same game, but the console version doesn't feel particularly PC-like. The UI is all different, the camera is pushed in closer, the enemy placement is tweaked, and the targeting works differently. In general I would call these changes good and necessary adaptations for the new platform, but if you're a purist looking for a particularly PC-like experience then D3 on the Switch might not deliver.

Oddly enough, the Diablo II Resurrected experience is a lot closer on the two platforms (if my experience plugging a controller into my PC is representative of the console).