Hidden Gems of Apple TV+

Demerzel is a he in the books (predictably), but in the Prequel book (written last) and not the original short stories written in the fifties. To say more would be a really big spoiler.

I think they'll have to change a bunch of things about that anyway due to some complicated limits on what books they have the rights to.

The books are very talky about the ideas and plot, and just don't talk a lot about the environments, cultures and the characters are very lightly sketched, really. They're kind of thin, so adaptations have to add a huge amount of texture to the world and fill out the characters.

Just watched episode 6 of Foundation. I've been enjoying it a lot so far but this episode felt like the script was dashed out an 4:30 on Friday afternoon. So many tropes used


- air vents(?) that allow you into the brig and apparently have covers a kid can remove silently
- the "shoot an innocent to make sure we know you're evil really" technique
- transferring the one remaining ship to a new owner (was this foreshadowed at all previously?) as a plot device to keep both characters

Most of this came across as lazy writing but the one bit I found difficult to take was


Salvor Hardin saying that the message of Seldon's teachings was that one person could make a difference. I thought this was the exact opposite of the intent of psychohistory which is all about how the long term trends are irrestible despite the efforts of individuals

I did however enjoy the character development for Brother Dawn. Interested to see where they take that.

Been watching Invasion and really enjoying it.

It’s gotten some mediocre reviews and can see why that may be. For an alien invasion show it’s a slow burn. Like the powers-that-be don’t even start to figure out what’s going on till like 5 episodes in. The show is really a drama and a pretty well written one. You have several main storylines going on across the globe and each one has good characters and interesting situations.

Things seem to be starting to ramp up now. It really comes across like a 1000 page book where there’s a lot of build up before the release. Will see if that happens or not. Even if not I’m invested in all the characters and interested to see where the story will take them next.

So the show gets a Give it a Chance recommendation from me.

Yeah, some of the characters are really unlikable. I haven't watched the finale yet but I will soon. I don't like the special ops guy but maybe he will redeem himself now he's hanging out with the 2 kids. And the cheating husband, omg. And the comms specialist, blah.

Finished up the rest of Invasion. Really enjoyed the show overall. The last episode has some amazing visuals. Looking forward to a second season.

Would say the first six episodes are the strongest. And then it fell off a bit for me late in the second half. Which is odd since the world finally started to fall apart. But seen most of that before in other movies and shows. Still well done here but didn’t feel it was as fresh as how they initially handled the show with the slow burn and focus on characters rather than this overall invasion situation.

Also they never explained any of the alien motivations. I’m sure there’s hints but nothing even close to being spelled out. So want a second season for some answers as the aliens are pretty neat.

I'm completing the first series of Ewan McGregor's motorcycle adventure docs: Long Way Round. Filmed in 2004, it follows Ewan and his best mate as they travel 20,000 miles on two wheels (BMW GS Adventure) from London to New York, riding through Europe, Asia, and North America, including remote areas in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Siberia.

If you're at all of fan of motorcycles, Ewan, or getting stuck in the most remote areas of the world, this series is for you.

I'm looking forward to the next two series: Long Way Down, where they travel down the African continent, and Long Way Up, which they just finished last year, where they travel up South and Central America on modified electric Harleys.

I really liked Long Way Round. I was disappointed by Long Way Down. I keep forgetting there is a third one, I need to watch it.

I should have read this thread from the beginning. Lots of love for the Long Way series on page 1. Well, in case you missed it a year ago, check it out now!

Started watching Mythic Quest. Enjoying it so far after the first episode.

Watched The Tragedy of Macbeth and liked it. Its the age of tell of guy killing king and then going a bit crazy.

Most of the movie is shot like it is on a stage in black and white. Very few people are in the movie or in any one scene. Was this because of covid or the art, maybe both.

Didn't have a problem with the movie. The biggest problem was with the play. Lady M is a boss but then goes nuts for no reason I can see. I think the guy that wrote this was in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure but he didn't say anything about Bill or Ted.

Absolutely digging The Afterparty. It's as if Rashomon had a baby with Clue.

The premise is that it's the 15th high school reunion for a group of friends. They all end up at the oceanside mansion of one of the group who's become a famous musician for an afterparty and he's promptly murdered.

The police arrive and begin interviewing everyone to figure out the whodunnit. Not only does each interview take the idea that everyone is the hero of their own story to ludicrous ends, but each interview mimics a different movie genre.

Of course it doesn't hurt that the cast is stacked with talent, from Tiffany Haddish, Sam Richards, Ike Barinholtz, Benny Schwa, and Dave Franco.

I love Rashomon. I will try it out

I'm on episode 3 of Invasion and so far the show isn't very good. The shows drags with this relationship issues I don't care about and you would think they would have other things to worry about during a alien invasion. Well I guess most people don't know it is a invasion but if a bunch of rocks destroy the area maybe worry about the wife and kids and not the girlfriend. Maybe stop bullying kids about their health issues until help arrives. Maybe stop threatening to shoot every person you come across, save that for the aliens.

The show is just focusing on the wrong things. I want to see aliens doing alien stuff not couples having fights.

It could be a good time to bail. At the moment I just can’t bring myself to watch the last two episodes of season 1. Not really a good sign for the show’s longevity.

If you’re within 2 eps of the end of Invasion I’d say it’s worth finishing it. Not that there’s a big twist or anything but I thought it reached a nice conclusion. It has a glacial pace for a series though.

On Sam Neil’s character…


He does not appear again. Which is surely the most egregious offence of the series

The first three eps of Severence dropped today and I’m really enjoying it.
It takes place in a timeless, retrofuturist world where people can undergo a surgical procedure that places a mental block between their work and home lives, so you don’t remember anything of the outside world or your personal life while at work or any details of your job while at home. Adam Scott plays an alcoholic who underwent the procedure and is coping with the social and psychological ramifications of it in the outside world while his work self navigates an unending corporate existence filled with inscrutable tasks.

My wife and I finished The Afterparty the other day. I really enjoyed it, but I was also ready for it to be over by the fifth or so episode. Funny, but a little repetitive (which I know is kind of the point, but still).

Watched season 1 of Severance and really liked it. I watched some interviews of the actors and was surprised that some of the decisions for the show were because of covid. I thought it was design choice from the beginning. hmmm I guess it could have been both. I was also surprised that some scenes weren't scripted. This show is heavily deliberate. They pack in a lot of easter eggs in this show.

The show ends on a big cliffhanger so you might not want to start it until a season 2 is confirmed.

Wait, that was the last episode of the season? Aaarg! I need to know what happens next!!!

Yep, I only start watching shows when a entire season is out. The only exception to that are shows that I have a high chance of being spoiled like most of the marvel shows.

Great show indeed, but the last episode was a cop-out treading water until next season episode.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

The show ends on a big cliffhanger so you might not want to start it until a season 2 is confirmed.

Next season has been confirmed.

My wife and I finished Severance as well, and we loved it.

I’m getting into it. I’m on episode 5. It was a bit too much of a corporate nightmare at first. It’s odd. I can watch violent horror movies but something like this is can be too unsettling at time. I am into it though but I’m just watching an episode now and then. I’ll definitely see it through.

I’m really enjoying Slow Horses. It’s a very British, very le Carré style spy series. I’m also looking forward to Tehran season 2.

A British, le Carré style spy series, you say? Color me very interested.

4 episodes into Slow Horses at the moment, really enjoying it too. To me it seems to be straddling a line between le Carre and satire of shows like Spooks. Very interested to see how it wraps up!

Oops double post, sorry

.. and it was a satisfying ending, but rather safe given where they started from. Slightly annoyed by the amount of time they spent setting up the next season, which is apparently coming, though I know not when.

The first episode of Tehran season 2 was excellent. So glad they’ve done a second season of the show. I adored the first one. Also, the theme music is incredible.

Higgledy wrote:

I’m really enjoying Slow Horses. It’s a very British, very le Carré style spy series.

Just finished.

And itch for a very British, very le Carré style spy series very scratched. Thanks for the recommend!