Gold Hearts

The Golden Icon Winner for 2021 is...


Thanks to your votes, the Golden Icon for 2021 winner is...

Ted wrote:

A ♥♥♥ life meter.
Gold means starting the second quest.


Many thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for the Golden Icon of 2021! We're excited to get to work on applying it to our 19-year donors. You are incredible and so very appreciated.

Alright. The Prove to me you're a goodjer responses, as promised.


I'm both happy and humbled that my little suggestion contributes to the GWJ community.

The icon looks even better than I imagined.

May we all succeed on our own quests, both big and small.

Golden Webcam will have its day!

*Legion* wrote:

Golden Webcam will have its day!

Does a golden webcam look anything like a portal cube? Does it look like Princess Mononoke’s mask? An owl?

Oh my gosh, the goodjer responses are AMAZING. Thank you for sharing them!