Motherboard beeps and computer not booting.

Hi guys, I was watching Lord of the Rings on my PC last night and suddenly my computer died ( just went black). Upon restart I got three beeps repeated and nothing else. According to what I found on the internet 3 beeps is a RAM issue, so I

1. Tried each RAM stick individually: still 3 beeps,
2. Tried different sticks in different Slots: still got 3 beeps.

I'm pretty sure RAM sticks are slotted in properly, feel a click and the top latch fits into the groove nicely as far as I can tell.

What's the next step?

Thanks for any help

Windows 10, 2x 8 RAM, i5-7600k, 1070 GTX. Asus 270 board.

Do the fans start spinning?

Have you pulled the video card out and see you get anything different?

Fans start spinning. Haven't tried taking card out yet. Got my next step thanks. I so wished it was a RAM issue!

Yeah, I keep seeing three beeps = ram.

I also saw someone suggest that your standoffs might be causing a short so, uh, if you want to undo all your screws, pull up the board and tighten the standoffs that should be fairly easy. Especially once you pull the video card. Might want to make sure you have the standoffs in the proper spots.

Yeah, whenever I've had that it's been RAM.

Update: I had a more hardware savvy friend take out ram( clean heads with eraser), switched slots, then take out video card, SSD, put it all back in, make sure everything was connected and nice and tight in its place.

3 beeps gone, but still black screen on start. Hooked screen up to motherboard with an old DVI to bypass video card- everything OK. Using the integrated graphics on the CPU.

Then windows update, NVIDIA driver update, back to using display port from video card to screen, everything is back to normal, video card fine.

I just am a bit wary, could such a big problem just be a mismatch with windows update ( the last big one from a month ago) and a driver update ( driver was about 6 months out of date)?

Yowza, that sounds like a best case scenario! Assuming all is well.

I'd probably run a RAM test (Memtest86+) just to make sure the RAM doesn't have a bad spot. Your friends may have done that already.