Dee and garion do Yo-Kai Watch

So I finished the story for Yo-Kai Watch 3. WTF did I just play? And there's a chocobo!

sometimesdee wrote:

Yo-Kai Watch 3. WTF did I just play?

This makes me want to play it

Bubblefuzz wrote:
sometimesdee wrote:

Yo-Kai Watch 3. WTF did I just play?

This makes me want to play it :)

You, being a Briton, might enjoy it more than I did. I really can't stand the speech of anyone in BBQ. Even the BBQ version of the fusion guy is all "get 'er done!"

First look at the fourth world in YW4 and some other info:

They're changing up how you befriend Yokai, but make us wait for more info on it. Lol

YW4 seems to have a good budget behind it and looks to be the last gasp of the series. Shame as I still like so much about the series. It's really nice to see the Yokai in HD, even if Darkside continues to look bad to me.

So, once again, a new Pokemon game comes out, I buy it and after a few hours all I want to do is play Yokai Watch. It probably helps that my youngest has started watching the anime series and playing with his bro's watches and medals.

There's just so much that Yokai does better than Pokemon that it's mind boggling to me people put up with such boring design in Pokemon.

Also, Yokai Watch 4++ comes out this week in Japan for Switch and PS4. This is the first Sony release of a Yokai game, so that's neat. We'll see a release in......oh, 2021. If we're lucky!

*If we're lucky. It helps to think of Pokemon and Yo-Kai Watch as very, very different games.

They are and the aspects of Pokemon I don't like are basically all the differences. I mean, they're both monster collection games, but that's about the only similarity.

I want Game Freak to break the mold finally but they just won't. This half step to open world with Sword & Shield is a nice change, but it's clearly the first step in that direction.

What I don't need in my Pokemon is all the questing in a Yokai game, that can be toned down as there's almost too much to do in a Yokai game.

Well I traded out Psychic Spectres unplayed end of '19 to go towards a Switch game for the boy.

However regretted it whilst watching my son play Pokémon Sword which had me hankering after some Yokai play.

Luckily bony spirits / fleshy souls have now hit rock bottom bargain bin 90% discount in the shops. £3.49 each.

The boy has bagged Boney Spirits for when he's done with Pokemon, I'm just starting Fleshy Souls now!

Yeah, Pokemon always makes me want to play Yokai because it's a better game, overall.

New YW game announced: Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y – Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu

Sounds to me like Yokai is going Persona. Battles look real time to me, like Busters.

Still hoping for another main YW game like 1-3 someday (not the ARPG style of YW4)

Goody! Hadn't heard from Level-5 in a while!

Was playing some Yokai Watch over the weekend. Man, do I wish there were more games like it. Shame we never got YW4 localized, and likely never will.