Death Trash

GWJ Conference Call 774

Returnal (PS5), TaleSpire (PC), Fortnite: Rift Tour (PC), Death Trash (PC) GWJ Death Trash Key Contest, GWJ Announcements, and more!

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Amanda, Rich, and Glendon talk about our Death Trash Key Giveaway Contest, Gross Video Games, and GWJ updates.

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Tell us the gnarliest, most viscerally disgusting thing you've ever encountered within a video game before August 18th! You can submit them via email (below), our Twitter, or leave them in the comments below! (Please do not violate our code of conduct with your submissions. If you are unsure or have an entry that is a SPOILER, please spoiler tag it. Thank you!)

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00:01:46 Returnal
00:12:30 TaleSpire
00:22:40 Fortnite: Rift Tour
00:28:40 Death Trash
00:39:07 Giveaway Contest
00:47:22 GWJ Announcements
00:53:05 Thread of the Week


Mobile posting is weird

Just wanted to say I’m so happy that the community has enjoyed my blatant theft homage of Farley3Ks Name That Movie thread.

I appreciate the love at the end of the call, folks. I just wanted to clarify that AUs_TBird started that gigantic spreadsheet of Name that GAME games; I've just been helping to keep it updated over the past 10 or so pages. AUs_TBirD is the real MVP of the thread.

I hope Blaseball is back in time for us to call another game!


Talespire: To address something Glendon mentioned, it may seem like a lot of work to build the maps... and you're absolutely right, it's a huge undertaking to build from scratch. Luckily early access has been out there for a time and people have built and shared their amazing creations. And like all the GMs before me, I am continuing the longstanding tradition of riding the coattails of other people's labor and ah, "claiming" it.
You can find entire maps or build chunks called "slabs" here:

Go to any map or build in the Tales Tavern archive, and the page had a button that reads either, "Load in Talespire" or "Copy to Clipboard" and ... it just does it. It just puts it in your game, whole cloth. I'm easily confounded by... things. This is easy.

Preparing the encounters in dndbeyond, plotting the pace, figuring out stories & npcs, scaling the difficulty, and XP allotment per story chunklet, etc is what has me up at night. So far, not the maps. I'm hype about these pixels. But we'll see, I definitely had a moment in the test-battle for session zero where I panicked and forgot how to use the entire UI, but I'm hoping the time I've put in since then will make that occur less. I absolutely needed the week off between session zero and session one, and have stolen/modified/frankensteined enough maps for the first 4 chapters, and each chapter is easily 2-3 sessions. Maybe more?

Someone just up and put Rivendell in here.

A scene from Rime of the Frostmaiden, another D&D 5e campaign.
I'm not sharing my frankensteined maps here because my players are mostly gwjers.

My only criticisms are things that will be built & remedied as development progresses. The selection of minis is veeerrry small, you have to make do with what you get. There will be a whole lot of "pretend that hawk is a giant insect" and "there is only red dragon, pretend it's blue" for a bit. They are fixing things all the time. I can't wait to see where this game goes.

The worst thing I experienced in a game was in Spec Ops: The Line. I will put it in spoiler tags despite it being very old...


You are given control of a gunship and start shooting moving targets - until you land and find out the people you were shooting were women and children noncombatants. I was physically ill and had to shut the game off. I came back days later and finished it - an otherwise fantastic game. Way worse than the airport scene in Call of Duty (?).