The Ascent - Anyone playing tonight?

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You can adjust the difficulty? How?

Under "Settings"->"Gameplay"

So I have a question: what kind of weapon is everyone using?

Since I started getting excessive weapons (miniguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers), I've started just to use those and haven't looked back. I'm curious how others' experience with the game has been later in the game with smaller guns.

I'm been using the ballistic minigun and the energy burst rifle (Enforcer) the most. Both have served me remarkably well for handling the enemy types they are strong against. The RPGs have been too bombastic and imprecise to be very effective: I find the energy rifle does the job with more precision at the cost of losing splash damage. With a high enough weapon handling skill the reload time on the Enforcer is non-existent. Couple that with the high damage, tracking projectiles and solid damage even against resistance enemies and you have one of the best weapons in the game, imho.

I'm fatiguing ever so slightly on the game but, assuming I've got it in me for a Hard run later, I plan to try to make a go of using primarily shotguns and sniper rifles. I'm using snipers a little bit already but they've fallen off in damage since I've focused all my upgrade points to the above weapons.
EDIT: I don't expect shotguns to be baseline useable until I've maxed out spread reduction. They are so god-awful. I guess that's going to be one hell of a challenge then!

Quite confident people have already completed pistols-only playthroughs at this point in time!

I'm level 15 switching between two of the machine guns - ballistic (HMG42 Dominator) or energy (E77 Superior) depending on the enemy. I haven't tried shotguns since the beginning, maybe worth it now that I've upgraded accuracy.

Shotguns kind of felt like melee weapons I had to reload.

Finally got around to polishing this one off the other night.

I enjoyed my time with The Ascent and hope for its continuation into a franchise of awesome sequels & bigger ambitions. But I gotta say, this debut has one of the worst end game bosses ever both in gameplay & in narrative execution.


The big bad, Dekayne [sp?], is only officially introduced in a cutscene at the end of the second-to-last main story mission.

When you finally encounter her in the final mission, she's spouting off an awful main villain monologue before succumbing to your attacks within seconds. A Cthulu-esque tentacle monster by way of Half-Life 2 was also thrown in there for good measure and that thing was ridiculously easy to defeat as well.

The climax really went off the rails in this one.

I finished the game today as well.

It was fun. I liked the setting, the battles could be intense, and plenty of choices in upgrades to tinker with.

On the other hand, nearly all the characters weren't all that memorable (the half dozen that were actually involved int he story) and the story itself a but if a ness, I only found the mystery of what happened to the Ascent group kind of interesting, and it was mostly ignored for most of the game.


As Maclintok mentioned, the apparent mastermind behind the event that start off the game isn't even more than a elite enemy. She isn't anywhere near as tough as many of the enemies you fight and she appears twice, once when she is introduced and then right before you kill her.

The tentacle monster was strange, and very poorly foreshadowed right at the end with Dakyne's first appearance. An almost throw away line that everyone who had attempted the experiment has failed with their research teams killed by an "unknown cause".

Then there are the continue vague references of an endless bureaucracy of power above the corporations and the reveals larger conspiracies at the end.

A bit of a mess of a story, really.

Somewhat depressing but also very cyberpunk of the game:


You begin the game as a tool for a corporation and end the game still as a tool, only for a different corporation. And, well, you gain a semblance of independence as a contractor. You're certainly not special, not in the way of being the Chosen hero that will save the world from destruction.

A sequel should see you continuing to gain more clout as a rising power on Veles. First becoming the most sought out contractor or "fixer" for all the corporations still vying for domination. Then eventually harnessing your resources and connections to set up your own fledgling corporation. Enter the cross-over with Satellite Reign!

This thread went quiet quickly! Just purchased so will be putting in a few hours this weekend.

Part of that is there’s not much to say. It’s gorgeous game with a pretty simple combat loop and fairly light RPG and loot elements. I really enjoyed it and completed it last night. I think it uses the cyberpunk aesthetic and setting well. The story set-up, reveals, and characters have potential but it doesn’t come together well.

I’m excited to eventually play through it co-op.