Neurocracy Catch-All

Time to solve a murder in 2049.

This game drops on the 14th and gives me all sorts of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective vibes.

The above link goes to a trailer. The game itself is on at 9pm Central European time, July 14th. (3pm EST.)

This looks interesting.

The current CC has one of the narrative designers from it as a guest and the game sounds absolutely incredible!

Rich and I had a blast streaming this tonight. So much content depth and an absolute MASTERCLASS in narrative exposition.

I've started a Mural board which anyone can access to start mind-mapping the different pieces of the story. You can access it without an account, feel free to add stickies, lines, thoughts, etc. I'll be updating it throughout the week between each episode! (just please follow our community guidelines and be nice when messing around with sticky notes!)

It was super fun watching y'all stream last night. If you're interested, someone on the Neurocracy Discord posted a Google Doc with summaries of the people:

Is what you can see as a guest 'episode 1'? Are you able to sort of navigate time? Seems the story unfolds over a sequence of days but surely its not like 'not in on day 1? missed the boat' right?

Yeah, what’s available now is episode 1. Episode 2 drops on Wednesday and according to what Axel, one of the writers, said on the latest CC, you’ll be able to still have a good experience jumping in late. (Incidentally, our conversation with Axel was fantastic and worth checking out. He was an absolutely lovely guest.)

My understanding is that each episode will cover a new day, so the October 1st and earlier represents Episode one, with October 2nd’s entries dropping next week

Additional episodes require a season pass.

I bought in and fiddled with Staygold's mind map a bit.

I made areas to collect info about China and the Chinese govt and Russias, added a section for the 2nd victim Yuri Golitsyn and also grabbed a map, which might be useful

I'm in!

My purchase confirmation email had a subject line of "Order #82 confirmed".

How does yours compare? If it's incremented for each purchase then I'm surprised to see a number so low.

Mine was 80 so it seems like it.

I was #53. Important to note they raised £12,000 through their initial Kickstarter which is 800-1000 accounts. It’s also surprisingly frustrating to get to the season pass section so I’m sure when episode 2 drops next week there will be a pay wall that’s easier to find way to purchase the season pass.

But!!!! Encourage all your like minded friends to purchase! I think it’s a brilliant indie project and I want to vote with my money that I want MORE of this type of game.

Adira, huh? I expect that to be fleshed or more soon.

Staygold and I just streamed chapter 2. Efrim Waites. Adira. And loads of ominous edits!