Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Thank you, benign1! And feel free to embarrass yourself any time you want to!

Here's my "magic helmet," friends:


I wish I had a magic flying helmet.

Anyway, a quick one this week. Here's my "magic helmet":


What's so magical about it? Er... it lets you breathe underwater. Yes. That's it...

Very magical indeed! And hey, breathing underwater would be awesome.

In retrospect, tragedy would have been averted had the magical underwater-breathing helmet had, at the minimum, some kind of chin-strap.

Hahaha. Maybe it magically attaches to your head?

Here's this week's drawing, "Decorative Bones."


If only

Did I do "decorative bones" or "decorated bones"? Eh, whatever. Here:


Well, as a set of bones, they would be decorative wherever you chose to put them.

Here's my "King of Cuteness!"


Is... is that chair set upon a mound of congealed hearts...?

Cute isn't really my thing as an artist, but here's my attempt for "king of cuteness":


The cute ones are torturing that poor giraffe!

Ravanon wrote:

Is... is that chair set upon a mound of congealed hearts...?

Hearts, yes. Congealed... maybe?

And your cuteness's pretty cute.

Here's my "cursed treasure."


Next week's prompt is "dead eyes." I think a portrait of Jimmy Fallon or Peter Sarsgaard should do...

Ah yes, the classic 'burns you alive with blue fire' kind of curse.

For my "cursed treasure", I'm going more for the more oblique 'disquietening bloodstains near an unattended collection bowl vase' kind of curse:


Awesome, as always!

Here's my "dead eyes." Are they really dead, though?


This bot generates random fantasy plot hooks. Might make for good art prompts once in a while.


Those prompts are FUN!

Mario_Alba wrote:

Here's my "dead eyes." Are they really dead, though?

They look quite winsome to me...

A quick one this week, because I'm out of time. Here's my "dead eyes":


If I ever get to play Blades in the Dark, I am putting that guy in it.

Here's my "vicious nature" (haha):


Next week: "crooked teeth!"

Ack, late again!

My "vicious nature" didn't really turn out so vicious in the end, but time's up!


What on earth am I going to do for 'crooked teeth'?! (Apart from the obvious, that is.)

Very nice, Ravanon! I like how different our wolves are.

As for "crooked teeth," I'm early this week:


Nice! (I was thinking of something like that...)

For my "crooked teeth", I've chosen a more science-fiction direction:


Awesome! It could be the Dinobots' cousin.

For next week we have "animal businessman," and I have two confessions to make:

1. I have already finished it.
2. I have a second version, also finished.

Okay, here's my first "Animal Businessman."


I love gibbons. Every time I encounter one at a zoo, it usually becomes the highlight of my visit.

Second animal businessman coming soon!

More "gentleman" than "businessman," I think, but here's my second crack at the topic:


This does seem like a prompt made for you, Mario!