Summer Video Game Events 2021

GWJ Conference Call 766

Summer Game Fest, E3, Wholesome Game Direct, and the slew of summer game announcements!

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Amanda and Aaron are briefly joined by Rich to talk about the glut of game announcements and demos for the summer.

In the show notes is a link to a listing of free game demos and alpha/beta/early access games for you to check out! This is a work in progress and Amoebic will continue to add game demos to the list. If there are demos that are missing from any of the recent events, please post here or comment in the spreadsheet and I can add them!

Disclaimer: There were hundreds of games announced this weekend! We only discuss a scant handful of a few that caught our eye at the moment in the time allowed to us. We're definitely going to cross into "I can't believe you didn't talk about X" territory and apologize if we weren't able to discuss the many games we didn't get to in this episode.

Give a listen all the way to the end. There was some chat during the break we didn't want to lose.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:00:00 Elden Ring
00:12:05 E3 2021

Stay to the very end. Trust me.

Beckett wrote:

00:00:00 Elden Ring
00:12:05 E3 2021

Easiest assignment ever for Mr. Beckett.

The Final Fantasy Origin PS5 demo is working now, so I guess you could add that to the spreadsheet. I will say it's better than the trailer, and I like the idea of temporarily copying an enemy ability after a successful parry. But I'm still not sold.

Also I played a new demo of Aeon Drive after seeing it in the Guerilla Collective lineup and I'm hooked. I'm just scared it might turn me into a speedrunner.

I realize my list was missing old games whose demos were being featured this week - I was only including games that hadn't been released yet! That's for Aristophan for the tipoff