City-building Game Catch All

Gremlin wrote:

Anno 1800 does a good job of fitting the bill!

It became a little less overwhelming when I decided to avoid doing all of the DLC exploration at once.

Woo! Glad it worked out for you.

Yes, I tend to play the DLC regions in bursts - I'll do a bit in one, reach an equilibrium, and then shift my focus to a different part of the world.

A demo of Against the Storm was released on the Epic Game Store a few days ago. It's billed as a "roguelite city-builder". It has at least two (tutorial-ey) levels available; I played through the first one, then poked a bit into the second before quitting - maybe 1.5-2 hours in total. It looks very promising, and scratched a bit of that good ol' The Settlers itch. The Steam page lists a 2022 release date, so not soon, but maybe worth keeping an eye on.